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March 5, 2022 - GJ - Thirty Years of Top Thirty Hits in Early March

 Rockin’ Remnants

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Date:   March 5, 2022

Host:  Gregory James

Feature: Thirty Years of Top 30 Hits

Birthday Calendar

February 28

Joe South (b. 1940  d. 2012)

Brian Jones (b. 1942  d. 1969)

March 1

Mike d’Abo  (Manfred Mann)   77 years old

Roger Daltrey (The Who) 77 years old

March 2

Lawrence Payton  (Four Tops) (b. 1938  d. 1997)

Karen Carpenter (b. 1950  d. 1983)

Lou Reed (b. 1942  d. 2013)

March 3

Mike Pender 79 years old

March 4

Bobby Womack (b. 1944  d. 2014)

March 5

Andy Gibb (b. 1958  d. 1988)

Murray Head 75 years old

Rock n’ Roll Trivia

Question: How many times do the Zombies sing “no” in “Tell Her No?" 

(scroll down to find the answer below the playlist)


* songs with * were requests

* all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for subsequent dates) unless otherwise noted

* glossary of terms is below the playlist


OPENING THEME: Good Old Rock n’ Roll—Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys (1969, #29, produced by Jimi Hendrix)

1967    Sock it to Me Baby    Mitch Ryder/Detroit Wheels  #7

Although Mark Twain used the expression, which had been in existence since the 1800s, the term found its way into popular music and TV starting in 1967.

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Sock It to Me, Baby! Lyrics | Genius  Lyrics

1966  The Cheater  Bob Kuban and the In-Men #17

A smoking one-hit-wonder by a St. Louis octet with lots of horns. Bob Kuban was the drummer.

BOB KUBAN "The Cheater" 1966 HQ - YouTube

1964  She Loves You Beatles #2

In the week ending March 7, 1964, the Beatles occupied three of the top four spots on the Top 30. They said the song was influenced by Bobby Rydell, Elvis Presley, and the Isley Brothers.

SHE LOVES YOU - THE BEATLESShe Loves You Swan Black Label Variations - Internet Beatles Album

1965    Tell Her No    Zombies

Peaking at #6 for the second week in a row, the word “no” is sung 63 times.

The Zombies - Tell Her No / Leave Me Be | Références | Discogs

1984   Here Comes the Rain Again   Eurythmics  #11 

The title came about, apparently, when Annie Lennox looked out her New York hotel room window at overcast skies and said to Dave Stewart, “Here comes the rain again.”

Eurythmics - Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again - RCA Victor - PC 68142  - Music

1972   Bang a Gong  T-Rex #10 

The song’s last line, “Meanwhile I’m still thinking,” is lifted from Chuck Berry’s “Little Queenie.” Wait, who is that on piano in the video?

*Communication Breakdown  Led Zeppelin   1969  B-side

Based on a Jimmy Page guitar riff, the song was credited to all the band members except Robert Plant who was prohibited from receiving credit due to a pre-existing record contract. Requested by Alvin. In the Danish video below, the camera has an excellent angle to watch Jimmy Page shred his solo starting at 1:40.

*Too Hot ta Trot Commodores  1978   #24

This was the only studio track on the LP called “Commodores Live!” Requested by Pizzeria Bambini.

Commodores - Too Hot Ta Trot | Releases | Discogs

*Bend Me Shape Me American Breed   1968  #5  

Requested by Scottie and dedicated to Brooktondale Peggy. 

Bend Me, Shape Me - Wikiwand

1957  Little Darlin’    Diamonds  

It entered the chart for the first time this week at #22. The Diamonds were a Canadian group and their cover version of the song charted higher than the original by the Gladiolas.

45cat - The Diamonds - Little Darlin' / Faithful And True - Mercury - USA -  71060X4545cat - The Diamonds - Little Darlin' / Faithful And True - Mercury - USA -  71060X45

There was some interesting fine print in the “Best Sellers in Stores” charts between June 24, 1957 and August 4, 1958. Between those dates, the Billboard charts were designed and verified by the School of Retailing at New York University.

*Power Failure Procol Harum NR

This song was a staple of their live concerts, and, although this track was recorded in the studio, applause is dubbed in at the end of the drum solo. Below is a live version of the song, complete with a three minute drum solo by B.J. Wilson. Requested by Greg.

1980    How Do I Make You Linda Ronstadt   #16  

This hard-driving track showed off Ronstadt’s ability to rock out in new wave style.

1976   Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover  Paul Simon  #8 

This was Paul Simon’s only #1 chart hit. He got to #2 with “Kodachrome” and “Loves Me Like a Rock.” Backing Simon at the Central Park concert below were Richard Tee (piano), David Brown (guitar solo), Anthony Jackson (bass) and the genius Steve Gadd on drums.

1962   I Know    Barbara George    #23

Barbara George wrote the song and recorded it in New Orleans with some of that city’s best studio musicians.

I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - WikipediaBarbara George – I Know: The A.F.O. and Sue Years | Louisiana Music Factory

1969     Can I Change My Mind Tyrone Davis    

Charting at #14 on the Hot 100 for the second consecutive week, it eventually climbed to #5 on that chart. It also reached #1 on the R&B chart, displacing Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine.”

45cat - Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind / A Woman Needs To Be Loved -  Atlantic - UK - 58425345cat - Tyrone Davis - A Woman Needs To Be Loved / Can I Change My Mind -  Dakar - USA - 45-602

1960   Let It Be Me Everly Brothers #8

This was the first Everly Brothers track to use a string section.

Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me - Music


Hush  Joe South    1968  NR

South wrote the song for Billy Joe Royal.

Joe South – Hush (1970, Vinyl) - Discogs

Don'tcha Bother Me Rolling Stones   1966  NR

From “Aftermath” with Brian Jones on slide guitar.

An Ode to Brian Jones - On Practicing Guitar

Handbags and Gladrags Mike d’Abo 1967

Mike d’Abo wrote the song when he was lead singer with Manfred Mann. His solo demo tape of the song was not discovered until 2004.

The Mike D'abo Collection, Vol. 1: 'Handbags & Gladrags' by Mike D'abo on  Amazon Music -

*Love Reign O’er Me The Who 1973  #76

Subtitled “Pete’s Theme” the song from "Quadrophenia" was a tour de force for Roger Daltrey who was at the peak of his vocal powers. Requested by Jeff in Brooklyn.

The Who - Love, Reign o'er Me - Reviews - Album of The Year

We All Gotta Stick Together   Four Tops  1975  #97

Tenor Lawrence Payton was one of four composers of this song and, to the best of my knowledge, sang the lead vocal line.

We All Gotta Stick Together - YouTube

Only Yesterday Carpenters 1975  #4

This was the Carpenters’ last top ten single on the Hot 100.

Only Yesterday: The Carpenters' Story (2007) | MUBI

Sweet Jane Lou Reed 1973   NR  

From the LP “Rock ‘n Roll Animal.”

45cat - Lou Reed - Sweet Jane / Lady Day - RCA Victor - Germany - APBO-0238

When You Walk in the Room    Searchers   1964  #35

 A nice cover of the Jackie DeShannon song.

The Searchers – When You Walk In The Room (1964, Vinyl) - Discogs

It’s All Over Now   The Valentinos featuring Bobby Womack 1964  #94

The Rolling Stones cover version reached #26 in 1964.


Good Feeling   Andy Gibb 1978   NR

He was a Gibb brother, but he was not a Bee Gee.

40 Years Since Andy Gibb's 'Shadow Dancing' & The Biggest Hit Of 1978

One Night in Bangkok Murray Head 1985  #3

Murray Head performed the spoken lyrics of the verses, while the chorus was sung by Anders Glenmark.

Murray Head ~ One Night In Bangkok/Chess Medley 1984 Disco Purrfection  Version - YouTubeAnders Glenmark | TheAudioDB.comOne Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head - Song Meanings and Facts

1974   Come and Get Your Love Redbone #24 

Redbone was the first Native American band to crack the top 5 of the Hot 100. 

1973    Do It Again    Steely Dan    #14  

Denny Dias played the electric sitar solo and Donald Fagen’s Yamaha organ had a pitch bending control. In the live video below, David Palmer is the vocalist, Skunk Baxter on congas and Denny Dias plays guitar rather than electric sitar.


1956  Heartbreak Hotel   Elvis Presley #15 in its second week on the chart. 

Floyd Cramer played piano and Bill Black played bass. A microphone was placed in a hallway to get the echo effect.

1963  He’s So Fine    Chiffons     #19 

This track spent four weeks at #1. The Tokens were the studio musicians for the track. “Doo-lang, doo-lang, doo-lang” was suggested by the recording engineer. The record was rejected by ten labels before Laurie Records bought it.

The Chiffons - He's so Fine - KKBOXHe's So Fine by The Chiffons | Daily Doo Wop

1981  Don’t Stand So Close to Me   Police  #26 

Perhaps the only pop song that refers to Vladimir Nabokov…who spent time teaching at Cornell.

Office of Vladimir Nabokov - Cornell Fun Sights - PocketSightsThe Cornell Blog — go hunt down this office in goldwin-smith!

1959   I’ve Had It Bell Notes   #13 

From East Meadow Long Island, the group was noticed by DJ Alan Fredericks who arranged to have the song recorded for $50 at a Times Square studio.

I've Had It - Album by The Bell Notes | Spotify

1968   Dock of the Bay Otis Redding #3

This was a simpler, alternate take of the song from the original session that features Redding’s voice more prominently. Redding started writing the song while staying on a houseboat in Sausalito.

Living on the dock of the bay: The history behind Sausalito's quirky and  colorful floating homes - RoadtrippersHow Sausalito inspired an American classic | by Mike McPhate | The  California Sun

1973   Could It Be I’m Falling in Love   Spinners    #4 

Philadelphia soul with MFSB providing the instrumentation.  The Spinners recorded this track on Atlantic Records after spinning their wheels at Motown for nine years.

1982   Harden My Heart  Quarterflash #18  

Lead singer Rindy Ross also played saxophone for the group. This live video features a blistering guitar solo starting at 2:06 that evolves from the familiar riffs into something much more interesting.

1977    Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac #11 

This was the Mac’s first top ten hit in the U.S. It was written in a house with a vibe that made Mick Fleetwood think it might have been haunted.

The Story Behind 'Go Your Own Way' By Fleetwood Mac | Articles @  Ultimate-Guitar.Com

1983  We’ve Got Tonight   Kenny Rogers/Sheena Easton  #8

Nice cover of a Bob Seger original (which was spelled “We’ve Got Tonite”). This version reached #1 on the CW chart and #2 on the AC chart.

Remembering Kenny Rogers' 'other' famous duet with Sheena Easton - Smooth

1970    Hey There Lonely Girl   Eddie Holman #5

Holman studied music in high school and college, and his astonishing vocal range and control of falsetto voicing was unrivaled.

Hey There Lonely Girl by Eddie Holman (0100-01-01) - Music

1961   There’s a Moon Out Tonight

Capris #3  

The record was not a hit when it was originally released in 1958, but radio came to the rescue in 1960 when DJs Alan Fredericks and Murray the K played the song and listener interest in the record led to its re-release.

There's A Moon Out Tonight, The Classic Old Town Recordings - Album by The  Capris | Spotify

1955    Earth Angel      Penguins  #13 

The Penguins were from Los Angeles and they recorded the song in a garage, so the story goes. Originally intended to be the B-side, it was the second doo-wop record to reach the Top 10.

Earth Angel — The Penguins |

1974   Until You Come Back to Me  Aretha Franklin   #7 

Stevie Wonder was a co-composer and he actually recorded a version that was not released until 1976.

Fender Rhodes Story on Twitter: "Nov. 24, 1973 - 44 Yrs Ago Today: Aretha  Franklin debuted at No. 98 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart w/ her single, "Until  You Come Back To

1979  What a Fool Believes Doobie Brothers #6 

This took the 1980 Grammys for best song and best record. Nice live video from the era. At the 2:00 point does Jeff Baxter seem bored to you?

1977   Things We Do For Love 10cc     #15

This track eventually peaked at #5 and was the group’s biggest hit in the U.S.

The Things We Do for Love (song) - Wikipedia

CLOSING THEME: Sleep Walk – Santo and Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Trivia Answer How many times do the Zombies sing "no" in "Tell Her No?" 

Answer:  63

Congratulations to Slade from West Hill for correctly answering the question and winning a pair of movie passes to Cinemapolis, Ithaca’s downtown, member-supported movie house featuring independent, international and local films.

Glossary of Terms:

DNC = did not chart

NR = not released as a single at the time

AC = Billboard’s chart for Adult Contemporary records

BB = Billboard Magazine, publisher of the Hot 100 and other charts

H100 = Billboard Hot 100

Bubbling Under = songs that were ranked but fell below the top 100

CW = Billboard’s chart for country and western records

R&B = Billboard’s chart of rhythm and blues records

RRHOF = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

RS 500 = Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranking of the top 500 singles of all time.

Host March 12, 2022: John Rudan with a spotlight on Still More Golden Oldies.

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