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Apr 25th, 2015 - JR - 1971

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Date:  April 25, 2015
Host: JR
Feature: 1971

This week it’s the chart sounds of spring 1971. It was the 

heyday of Top 40 AM radio and this was a classic date, with 

the sounds of Three Dog Night, Bread, The Carpenters, 

Elton John, Neil Diamond and lesser lights like Ocean, 

Seatrain, Susan Raye and Sammi Smith: need I 

say more??? We’ll check in with the Birthday Calendar at 

7:00 and in the 45 Corner, Derek & The Dominos and The 

Chi-Lites with 7” vinyl versions not available on LP or CD or 

MP3, both Rockin’ Remnants exclusives!  And the cherry on 

the top: a pair of tix to see John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett at the 

State Theatre…

6pm – 7pm

Joy To The World – Three Dog Night – BB Hot 100 #1, 6 


The #1 Billboard Hot 100 single of 1971 was off the pen of 

Hoyt Axton!

Put Your Hand In The Hand – Ocean – BB Hot 100 #3

The one big Hot 100 hit for this combo was written by Gene 

McLellan, noted Canadian singer/songwriter (“Snowbird”, 

“The Call”).

I Am… I Said – Neil Diamond – BB Hot 100 #6

Neil’s appeal in the 70’s was universal; parents bought his 

LP’s and kids bought his 45’s (on the famous UNI Records 

label); this peaked at Hot 100 #4.

Image result for i am i said 45Image result for i am i said 45

Temptations – BB Hot 100 #7

Tumbling down from the top of the chart, this was the swan 

song for Eddie Kendricks, and one of his most ethereal 

vocal performances.

If – Bread – BB Hot 100 #8

Tied with “He” by The Righteous Brothers as the shortest 45 

title to hit the Hot 100, but the only one to make the Top 10, 

peaking at #4.

Image result for if bread 45Image result for if bread 45

She’s A Lady – Tom Jones – BB Hot 100 #9

A nice, upbeat comeback single in the early 70’s for TJ, 

written by Paul Anka.

For All We Know – The Carpenters – BB Hot 100 #13

From the movie Lovers And Other Strangers, this won a 
Grammy for Best Song of 1971.

We Can Work It Out – Stevie Wonder – BB Hot 100 #14

Truly one of the best Beatles cover versions, this soulful 

rendition peaked at Hot 100 #13.

Image result for we can work it out stevie wonderImage result for we can work it out stevie wonder

Power To The People – John Lennon Plastic Ono Band – 
Hot 100 #15

John was on the chart this week both as singer and a 

songwriter (#14). A Phil Spector production, who was also 

busy this week with John’s former band mate…

What Is Life – George Harrison – Hot 100 #33

This single off the landmark triple LP All Things Must Pass 

peaked at Hot 100 #10.

 45 Corner

Layla – Derek & The Dominos – BB Hot 100 #55

The version we’re checking out in the Corner is the original 

45 release, edited down to 2:43, and on its initial release 

only managed to limp up to #51.  When it was re-released                                                                                              
in 1972, full-length version 7:10, it peaked at Hot 100 #10.

Image result for layla derek and the dominos 45Image result for layla derek and the dominos 45

The single edit excludes one guitar lick from the intro,
is sped up a bit and excludes the ending piano/guitar coda. 
You probably are not likely to hear this version anywhere except here on Remnants!

Help Me Make It Through The Night – Sammi Smith – 

BB Hot 100 #18

Off the pen of Kris Kristofferson, this was Sammi’s only Hot 

100 hit, peaking at # 8.  Great orchestration and vocals!

Wild World – Cat Stevens – BB Hot 100 #19

The first charting single for the former Steven Georgiou, he 

became one of the major players in the “singer/songwriter” 

era of the 70’s.

7pm – 8pm

Birthday Calendar

April 19th – Alan Price (Animals), 73
                  Mark Volman (Turtles, Flo & Eddie), 71
                  Dickie Goodman, 1934
 April 20th – Johnny Tillotson, 76

April 22nd – Glen Campbell, 79
                   Peter Frampton, 64

April 23rd – Barbra Streisand, 73
                  Roy Orbison, 1936
 April 24th – Doug Clifford (CCR), 70
 April 25th – Stu Cook (CCR), 70
                   Mike Brown (Left Banke, Stories), 1947

"Born On The Bayou", "It Came Out Of The Sky", 1970
Two reasons why these two member of CCR where one of the best rhythm sections in the Rock’n’Roll era; Stu Cook on bass, Doug Clifford on drums. Awesome riffs!

“She May Call You Up Tonight” – The Left Banke, 1967

The late Mike Brown wrote some of the most gorgeous tunes of the “Baroque Pop” era (1967-1968); click here to find out more about this little slice of popular music history. Unfortunately this single only managed to Bubble Under at #120.  Brown is on the far left; lead singer Steve Martin second from right.

Image result for she may call you up tonightImage result for steve martin left banke

“It’s Over” – Roy Orbison, 1964

One of the great voices in popular music history (“operatic” says Whitburn), Roy made a comeback in late 80’s (aided by a TV special and production from ELO’s Jeff Lynne), but it was cut short by The Big O’s untimely death in 1988, age 52.

 “Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)” – Glen Campbell, 1971

The original (by Roy Orbison) peaked at Hot 100 #4 in 1962; this cover peaked at Hot 100 #31.

 “Guilty” – Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb, 1980

Wanna a hit single in the early 80’s?  Just team up with the Bee Gees and voila!  A guaranteed smash!  This was co-written by Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb, and co-vocal credit to Barry; peaked at Hot 100 #3.

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)” (45 version) – Peter Frampton, 1977

The “face” of the 70’s, Frampton’s Motown cover version  peaked at Hot 100 #18.

Image result for signed sealed delivered peter frampton 45Image result for signed sealed delivered peter frampton

“Talk Back Trembling Lips” – Johnny Tillotson, 1963

Johnny had a nice run of chart hits in the early to mid 60’s on Cadence and MGM Records.  This song was written by John D. Loudermilk, a man with a great songwriting catalog (he also had a song on our chart date in 1971).  I see in the future a tribute to the man also known as Johnny Dee…

“Batman And His Grandmother” – Dickie Goodman, 1966

Dickie was the king of the novelty “break in” records, where a question would be answered by a line from a current popular song, sometimes to hilarious results!  He was also aware of current social events (“Watergrate”, “Energy Crisis”, and “Mr. Jaws” in the 70’s), and this one reflected the popularity of the Batman TV series in 1966. Click here to read the bio of a truly unique artist.

Image result for batman and his grandmotherImage result for dickie goodman

“Outside Chance” – The Turtles, 1965

Co-written by Warren Zevon (under the pseudonym “Lyme”), this dnc on the Hot 100; Mark Volman is the one with the big hair and glasses and later became “Flo” with Howard Kaylan as “Eddie” in the 70’s.

 “I Put A Spell On You” – Alan Price Set, 1966

The only Hot 100 charting single for the former Animals keyboard player, this peaked at #80.

"Cast Your Fate To The Wind" - Vince Guaraldi Trio, 1963

"Cast Your Fate To The Wind" - Shelby Flint, 1966

The original instrumental version peaked at Hot 100 #22 for 

pianist Guaraldi. 

The vocal version (with lyrics by Carel Werber), peaked at 

Hot 100 #61 for Ms. Flint.

Image result for cast your fate to the wind 45Image result for cast your fate to the wind 45

8pm – 9pm Back to our chart date of 4/25/1971 + Happy 

Hour 70’s & 80’s

Proud Mary – Ike & Tina Turner– BB Hot 100 #23

The original by CCR, was on the chart just 2 years previous, 

and charted 2 spots higher on the Hot 100 than this cover 

version, which peaked at #4.  Check out the moves of Tina 

and The Ikettes at the end of the video! C'mon, and do the 


Oye Como Va – Santana – BB Hot 100 #32

Carlos and his band got much AM and FM airplay in the 
early 70’s, punctuated by his soulful guitar lines.  This single
 off the LP Abraxas, peaked at Hot 100 #13.

Friends – Elton John – BB Hot 100 #34

Elton and lyricist Bernie Taupin were really busy guys in the

 early 70’s, cranking out 5 albums in just 1 year, including

 the soundtrack to this British movie.  The title track peaked 

this week on the Hot 100.

"Sure As I'm Sittin' Here" - Three Dog Night, 1974

Image result for sure as i'm sitting' here three dog night dunhill 45Image result for john hiatt

Congratulations to Dave calling in from Dryden!  He was the 9th caller on the listener line when he heard this song the first big break for young John Hiatt (just 21).  John is performing with Lyle Lovett at the State Theatre on May 1st.  Dave wins a pair of tickets from your Home of Winning!

13 Questions – Seatrain – BB Hot 100 #66

Sir George Martin is probably best known for producing The 

Beatles, and later on America. But in between he produced 

an LP for this Marin County hippie band, an unlikely 

combination if there ever was one.  While receiving much 

progressive FM airplay, Seatrain was only hobbled this 

single to Hot 100 #49, their only charting 45.

Image result for 13 questions seatrainImage result for 13 questions seatrain

Freedom (45 version) – Jimi Hendrix – BB Hot 100 #67

Posthumously released by Reprise Records, this searing 45 

peaked at Hot 100 #45, and this version is only available on 

7” vinyl. 

Image result for freedom jimi hendrixImage result for freedom jimi hendrix

L.A. International Airport – Susan Raye – BB Hot 100 #81

Country singer discovered by Buck Owens, this was her only Hot 100 hit, peaking at #54.

Indian Reservation – The Raiders – BB Hot 100 #83

This 45 (later titled “Indian Reservation [The Lament Of The

 Cherokee Reservation Indian]),  slowly climbed the Hot 100

 to the peak at #1 on 7/24/1971, over 14 weeks, which was 

an eternity back in the early 70’s!  Another hit off the pen of 

John D. Loudermilk.

Image result for raiders - indian reservation 45Image result for john d. loudermilk

Here Comes The Sun - Richie Havens - BB Hot 100 #39

Another Beatles cover on the chart on this date peaked at 

Hot 100 #16.  This was never released as a single by The


Image result for here comes the sun richie havensImage result for here comes the sun richie havens

45 Corner

(For God’ Sake) Give More Power To The People – Chi-

Lites – BB Hot 100 #65

In April, 1971, the Hot 100 was exhorting us to give “Power 

To The People” (see #15).  This 45, released on Brunswick 

Records, features not only the message, but the multiple 

vocal styling of late 60’s/early 70’s Temptations.  The single 

version features crowd noise overdubs from “the people” not 

found on any LP, CD or MP3.  A Rockin’ Remnants 


Image result for for god's sake give more power to the people brunswick 45Image result for for god's sake give more power to the people brunswick 45

"Ashes By Now"  - Rodney Crowell, 1982

Rodney was married to Rosanne Cash from 1979 to 1992. 

Check out the Big 80's hair in the video clip!

"Sea Of Love" - The Honeydrippers, 1983

This studio "supergroup" featured Robert Plant, Jimmy Page,

Jeff Beck, Nile Rogers and was produced by Atlantic Records

founder Ahmet Ertegun; peaked at Hot 100 #3.  Great video!

"My Oh My" - Slade, 1984

This British "glam rock" band, made a nice comeback in the 

80's with "Run Runaway" and "My Oh My", which peaked at 

Hot 100 #37.

Image result for my oh my - slade 45Image result for my oh my - slade 45

Host Next Week (5/2/15):  John Simon

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