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January 20, 2024 - KV-JS-GJ Ampersands Re-Redux (originally aired 1/12/19)

 Rockin' Remnants

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Date:  1/20/24
Hosts:  Kim Vaughan, John Simon and Gregory James
Feature:  Duets and Trios Joined By Ampersands (First aired 1/12/19)

 Tonight...3/5 of us team up for a show full of duets and trios (and even a quintet) - all with ampersands in their names - on WVBR's Rockin' Remnants. Join JS & KV & GJ the DJ from 6-9 p.m. with GJ going live from 7-8 pm for the birthday calendar and Cinemapolis Trivia Contest. [Spoiler Alert: tonight we open with a Simon & Garfunkel tune]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia

In the 6:00 hour John Simon Kim Vaughan and I played a cover of “Love is Strange” by Caesar and Cleo.  What name did the duo change their name to?

(scroll down to find the answer below the playlist – and to find a glossary of terms)

Birthday Calendar

January 14
Clarence Carter  88 years old
Lamar Williams (Allman Brothers bassist after Berry Oakley)  b. 1949  d. 1983
Allen Toussaint   (b. 1938  d. 2015)

January 15
Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd)  b. 1948  d. 1977

January 16
Katherine Anderson (Marvelettes)   b. 1944  d. 2023
Barbara Lynn  82 years old
Bob Bogle  (Ventures lead and bass guitar)  b. 1934  d. 2009

January 17
Mick Taylor  (Stones 69-74)  76 years old
Chris Montez   81 years old

January 18
David Ruffin (Temptations 64-68)  b. 1941  d. 1991
Bobby Goldsboro   83 years old

January 19
Dewey Bunnell  (America)  72 years old
Robert Palmer   b. 1949  d. 2003
Janis Joplin  b. 1943  d. 1970
Phil Everly  b. 1939  d. 2014
Shirley Ellis  b. 1929  d. 2005


·      yellow song titles are YouTube links
·      songs with * were requests
·      all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for chart dates during/after Aug 1958) unless otherwise noted
·      a glossary of terms is below the playlist


OPENING THEME:  Good Old Rock ‘n’ Roll – Cat Mother & the All-Night Newsboys (1969, #29, produced by Jimi Hendrix)

The Sounds of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel (1/66; #1 - the first in a long string of singles for these two unknown Folk singers had a two-week run at #1 interrupted by The Beatles' We Can Work It Out. Tonight S&G kick off the Ampersand Edition of Rockin' Remnants.)

 Image result for simon and garfunkel sounds of silence Image result for simon and garfunkel sounds of silence 45

Michelle - David & Jonathan (1/66; #18 Pop, #11 UK - When it became clear that the Beatles weren't releasing Michelle as a single, these guys did. "These guys" were Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook, who wrote and produced a number of big hits in the early Seventies.)

Image result for David & Jonathan Michelle

California Dreamin' - Mamas & Papas (1/66; #4 - this was the debut single for another unknown group that would attain great chart success. It was released on this date back in 1966.)

This Is My Story - Gene & Eunice (5/55; #8 R&B - Gene & Eunice wrote most of their own songs , and rather than using the "call and response" technique of many R&B tracks, they generally sang as one voice. This came to you on the Aladdin label.)
Image result for This Is My Story - Gene & Eunice Image result for This Is My Story - Mickey & Sylvia

This Is My Story - Mickey & Sylvia (1960; #100 - Mickey was a guitar instructor and Sylvia was one of his pupils. They both played guitar on their recordings. The duo eventually bought their own nightclub, established a publishing company, and formed their own record label!)

Image result for Mickey & Sylvia

Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny (1954; dnc - This track was the b-side to Tick-Tock, which made it to #9 on the R&B chart. As was commonplace with early Doo Wop, part of the song's popularity was due to its double entendres. Skip & Flip would eventually have a big hit with it in 1960.)

Love Is Strange - Caesar & Cleo (12/65; #131 - after their smashing success as Sonny & Cher, other labels started scouring their vaults and Reprise uncovered this 1964 recording by the duo under their earlier name. The original, of course, was by Mickey & Sylvia!)

Image result for Caesar & Cleo

Baby (You Got What It Takes) - Brook Benton & Dinah Washington (1/60; #5 Pop, #1 R&B - FOR 10 WEEKS!)

I Idolize You - Ike & Tina Turner (1/60; #82 Pop, #5 R&B - this husband and wife duo had a stormy relationship that was dramatically portrayed in the film What's Love Got to Do With It. They were an incredible live act and had a string of hit records together before Tina branched out as a solo artist.)

* I Go to Pieces - Peter & Gordon (1/65; #9 - Capitol Records had signed a bunch of great acts during the British Invasion. These guys had a string of hits and Peter Asher would eventually find greater success as a producer in Southern California in the Seventies.)

Image result for I Go to Pieces - Peter & Gordon

* Too Much of Nothing - Peter, Paul & Mary (11/67; #35 - Bob Dylan wrote it and Gregory James hadn't heard this record in 45 years until tonight. He had a religious experience!)
Image result for Too Much of Nothing - Peter, Paul & Mary

Heart & Soul - Jan & Dean (6/61; #25 - Liberty Records passed on this crazy novelty record, so they went to Gene Autry's Challenge label and had a hit. They'd find greater success, though, at Liberty Records with a string of well-polished singles.)

Image result for Heart & Soul - Jan & Dean

* The Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association - Jan & Dean (10/64; #77 - this one was the b-side of their Ride The Wild Surf single, and had one of the longest titles of any charting record. Thanks to Tom Preston for the requestin'!)

Image result for The Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association

In the Year 2525 - Zager & Evans (8/69; #1 for six weeks - these guys were virtually "one-hit wonders," but what a hit it was! Futuristic dystopia, anyone? GJ observed that these lyrics presaged the Pixar film Wall-E from about forty years out.)

* Come a Little Bit Closer - Jay & The Americans (9/64; #3 - we agreed to stretch the Ampersand theme to include Jay and his group, but we're mostly sticking to duos and trios tonight. That said, Jay Black can certainly deliver the goods!)

Patches   Clarence Carter  1970  #4
This was Carter’s biggest hit, winning the 1971 Grammy for Best R&B song.

Alphabet Soup - #NowPlaying Patches by Clarence Carter | Facebook

Southbound    Allman Brothers Band  1973  NR
Lamar Williams replaced Berry Oakley as the band’s bassist after Oakley's death. During Williams’ audition, drummer Butch Trucks was so impressed he said, “Let’s stop auditioning and start rehearsing.”

Right Place, Wrong Time   Dr. John  1973  #9
Allen Toussaint was a composer and producer, and on this track he arranged the horns.

Call Me the Breeze   Lynyrd Skynyrd  1974  DNC
This cover version of J.J. Cale’s song is more closely associated with Lynyrd Skynyrd than with Cale.

Every Kinda People Robert Palmer   1978  #16
This was Palmer’s first top 40 hit. Funk Brother Bob Babbitt played his bass like a lead guitar on this track.

Playboy Marvelettes   1962  #7 H100  #4 RB
This was the Marvelettes' third single and second top 10 hit.

Playboy - song and lyrics by The Marvelettes | Spotify

Ram-Bunk-Shush   Ventures  1961  #29
When the Ventures covered songs, they made sure to feature the guitars. The original of this song was by Bill Doggett and the lead instrument was the saxophone.

The Ventures – Ram-Bunk-Shush! (1961, Vinyl) - Discogs

We Got a Good Thing Going   Barbara Lynn  1964  #69
Barbara Lynn composed her own songs and played her own guitar--left handed!

Barbara Lynn – We Got A Good Thing Goin' (Recorded Live In Japan '84)  (1984, Gatefold, Vinyl) - Discogs

Time After Time   Chris Montez   1966  #36
It was Herb Alpert’s idea to move Montez in the direction of Easy Listening (or Adult Contemporary).

Chris Montez Signed Autographed time After Time Record Album COA Matching  Holograms - Etsy

I Know I’m Losing You Temptations   1966  #1 RB  #8 H100
Co-composer Cornelius Grant played the guitar intro. The video below from the Smothers Brothers Show is an excellent example of the Temptations' choreography, even if the audio is sub-optimal.

Everybody’s Talkin’     Bobby Goldsboro   1969  NR
In 1969, there were 20 cover versions recorded of this 1968 Fred Neil song. Bobby Goldsboro sang it live on Ed Sullivan in February of 1970, with the usual excellent backing of Ed's orchestra.

Can’t Fall Asleep to a Lullabye America  1984
Steve Perry helped write the song and provided backing vocals.

America w/Steve Perry - Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby - YouTubeAmerica – (Can't Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby (1984, Vinyl) - Discogs

I Need a Man to Love Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company   1968  DNC
Co written by Janis and Sam Andrew. Possibly about Janis’ break up with Country Joe McDonald. At the end of the "Hollywood Palace" clip below, Janis does a good job of responding to Don Adams' inane questions. 

Walk Right Back   Everly Brothers   1961  #7
The song as written had two verses, but before the composer could send the second verse to the Everlys, the brothers had already recorded it, repeating the first verse. Below is a live 1968 performance on Ed Sullivan with a slightly slower tempo and only one verse. The harmonies have great definition in this clip.

Remember (Walking in the Sand)    Shangri Las  1964  #5
Lead singer Mary Weiss was 15 years old when she recorded this song. Because the group (comprised of two pairs of sisters) was so young when their parents signed their recording contracts, they never received all the money they were owed. Also, they were contractually prevented from recording as individuals after they disbanded. Mary Weiss died on January 19, 2024, leaving her sister Betty as the only surviving (and retired) Shangri-La.

Mary Weiss, Lead Singer of the Shangri-Las, Dies at 75 | PitchforkMary Weiss, Lead Singer of The Shangri-Las, Dies at 75
Mary Weiss, lead singer of the Shangri-Las, dies at 75

The Nitty Gritty Shirley Ellis  1964  #8
This was Shirley Ellis’ first hit record—it sounds live, but that was just the studio ambience at the recording session.

ELLIS,SHIRLEY - Three Six Nine: The Best Of Shirley Ellis - Music


Harlem Shuffle - Bob & Earl (12/63; #44 - this single was produced by a young Barry White, and has been used in numerous films  -  most recently in Baby Driver. The Rolling Stones would later chart with their own version.)

Something You Got - Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown (4/65; #55 Pop, #10 R&B - each of these was a star for the Wand/Scepter Records family. Pairing them was the idea of label owner Florence Greenberg. It paid off with a string of successful 45s.)
Image result for Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown

Mockingbird - Charlie & Inez Foxx (6/63; #7 - The songwriting was attributed to Inez Foxx with vocal accompaniment by her brother, as they alternated the lyric in a counterpoint style. Carly Simon & James Taylor would take it to #5 ten years later.)

Just You - Sonny & Cher (8/65; #20   -   this single pre-dated I Got You Babe but went nowhere  -  until I Got You Babe reached #1 and Atco Records re-released it. Phil Spector's influence on Sonny Bono as a producer was unmistakable on this record!)

I Want to Stay Here - Steve & Eydie (7/63; #28 - the husband-and-wife duo of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme was the perfect vehicle for this sweet tune from the husband-and-wife writing team of Goffin & King.)
 Image result for I Want to Stay Here - Steve & Eydie

Lovin' Arms - Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge (recorded in 1973, peaked at #86 in 1974. They were newly married when they recorded this. Dobie Gray's version peaked at #61 a year earlier. Rita's brother-in-law Booker T would later produce her smash version of Higher & Higher.)

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - Paul & Linda McCartney (9/71; #1 - previous singles were attributed to Paul McCartney. Subsequent singles would be attributed to Wings  -  or Paul McCartney & Wings. This is the only one that joined their two names with an ampersand.)
Image result for Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

* Tell Someone You Love Them - Dino, Desi & Billy (8/68; #92 - three Hollywood kids with a dream and connections landed a recording contract with Frank Sinatra's Reprise Records label. This was their final charting single, and showed a marked growth from their earlier Pop offerings.)
Image result for Dino, Desi & Billy

* I'm Leavin' It All Up to You - Don & Dewey (1957; dnc - Both born in Pasadena, Don & Dewey wrote a song that was not a hit for them, but was covered by a bunch of other artists. Don Harris switched from guitar to electric violin in the 1960s and, billed as "Sugarcane Harris," played with Frank Zappa and John Mayall, among others!)

Time Waits for No One - Eddie & Ernie (2/65; #34 R&B - Both born in Texas, Eddie & Ernie teamed up in Phoenix. This was their biggest record on the Eastern label.)

Special Lady - Ray, Goodman & Brown (1/80; #5 Pop, #1 R&B - three founding members of The Moments continued to record together under their own names. This was their biggest hit as a trio.)
Image result for Special Lady - Ray, Goodman & Brown

Don't You Write Her Off - McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (3/79; #33 - three former members of The Byrds reconvened for a one-off album. This was pulled as a single off the LP and it's a really nice record!)

Elenore - Flo & Eddie (10/74; #104 Record World - Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan had written this song together when they were both Turtles. They continued recording as Flo & Eddie and their re-make of their parody-of-a-hit from the late Sixties almost charted again, but only on the Record World chart.)
Image result for Elenore - Flo & Eddie Image result for Elenore - Flo & Eddie

CLOSING THEME:  Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Glossary of Terms:
dnc = did not chart
nr = not released as a single at the time
AC = Billboard’s chart for “Adult Contemporary” records
BB = Billboard Magazine, which publishes the Hot 100 chart (previously known as the Top 100), along with several other charts
Bubbling Under = songs that were ranked but fell below the top 100
C&W = Billboard’s chart for “Country & Western” records
R&B = Billboard’s chart for “Rhythm & Blues” records
RRHOF = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
RS500 = Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranked list of the top 500 singles of all-time

Trivia Answer
Caesar & Cleo were a duo that worked primarily in Los Angeles playing record hops and bowling alleys from 1963-1964. They first recorded as Sonny & Cher in 1964.
Congratulations to John from Spencer for correctly answering the question and winning a pair of passes to Cinemapolis, downtown Ithaca’s home for first-run, international, independent and local films.

Host Next Week (1/27/24):  Jan Hunsinger

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