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May 22, 2021 - JH: 5th Anniversary Show

 Host: Jan Hunsinger (JH)

Date: May 22, 2021

Spotlight Theme: 5th Anniversary Show:
Songs with '5' in the title; Groups with '5' in their name; Groups with 5 members

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·     songs with * were requests
·     all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for chart dates during/after Aug 1958) unless otherwise noted
·     a glossary of terms is below the playlist

OPENING THEME:  Good Old Rock ‘n’ Roll – Cat Mother & the All-Night Newsboys (1969 - #29: produced by Jimi 

Background music: Hawaii Five-O - The Ventures (1969 - #4)

The Reason - The 5 Chanels (1958 - #98: only song to make the BB Hot 100 for this female doo-wop group)

5 D - The Byrds (1965 - #44: title track from the band's third LP; songwriter Jim McGuinn's attempt to explain Einstein's theory of relativity)

Take 5 - Dave Brubeck Quartet (1961 - #25: song was written in a 5/4 time signature by sax player Paul Desmond to highlight the dexterity of drummer Joe Morello)

5 Will Get You 10 - We Five (1967 - NR: from the group's second LP, Make Someone Happy; oh those velour shirts!)

No Time - The Guess Who (1970 - #5: the Canadian band had 5 members)

Five O'Clock World - The Vogues (1966 - #4: their follow-up to "You're the One", after this the group from Turtle Creek, PA went for more ballads)

Whispering Bells - The Dell-Vikings (1957 - #9: up tempo doo-wop from the interracial group)

Little Miss Sad - The Five Emprees (1965 - #74: only charting single for the group from Benton Harbor, MI)

Five Feet High and Rising - Johnny Cash (1959 - #71: Cash wrote the song about a 1937 Mississippi flood that forced his family to flee their home)

Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac (1976 - #11: band member Christine McVie wrote the song for the famous 5 person group)

Hurt So Bad - Little Anthony and the Imperials (1965 - #10: another 5 person group; Linda Ronstadt would later cover the song)

I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 (1970 - #1: first chart hit for the Gary, IN group; song ranks #120/RS500)


Obviously 5 Believers - Bob Dylan (1966 - DNC: from his Blonde On Blonde LP, song was the flip-side of "Just Like a Woman"; Robbie Robertson and Joe South back Dylan on guitar)

I'm a Happy Man - The Jive Five (1965 - #36: doo-wop group from Brooklyn that would morph into a soul act in the 1970s)

Five Brothers - Marty Robbins (1960 - #74: country crossover for Robbins, who recorded than 500 songs and 60 LPs over his career)

Signs - Five Man Electrical Band (1971 - #3: we heard the 4:05 LP version of the song, rather than the 3:06 single release)

The Birthday Calendar

[Background Music: Soulful Strut - Young-Holt Unlimited (1969 - #3: Isaac "Redd" Holt was the drummer for the group)]

May 16

Isaac "Redd" Holt - 89
Robert Fripp - 75
Barbara Lee (The Chiffons) - born 1947

May 17

Pervis Jackson (The Spinners) - born 1938
Malcolm Hale (Spanky and Our Gang) - born 1941

May 18

'Big' Joe Turner - born 1911
Pierino "Perry" Como - born 1912
Albert Hammond - 77
Rick Wakeman - 72

May 19

Pete Townshend - 76
Jerry Hyman (Blood, Sweat, & Tears trombonist) - 78
Jeffrey Hyman, aka "Joey Ramone" - born 1951

May 20 

Jill Jackson ("Paula") - 79
Joe Cocker - born 1944
Cherilyn "Cher" Sarkisian - 75

May 21

Ronald Isley - 80
Hilton Valentine (Animals guitarist) - born 1943
Marcie Blane - 77
Leo Sayer - 73

May 22

Doug Gray (Marshall Tucker Band) - 73
Bernie Taupin - 71

The Court of the Crimson King, Pt. I - King Crimson (1970 - #80: Robert Fripp played guitar for the prog-rock band; he is ranked #62 in Rolling Stone Magazine's "100 Greatest Rock Guitarists", and is also a well-known producer)

One Fine Day - The Chiffons (1963 - #5: song ranks #460/RS500)

It's a Shame - The Spinners (1970 - #14: Pervis Jackson sang bass for the group)

Sunday Will Never be the Same - Spanky and Our Gang (1967 - #9: Malcolm Hale came up with the bah-da-bah-bah-bah introduction to the song; his sudden death in 1968 contributed to the break-up of the band)

Corrine Corrina - Big Joe Turner (1956 - #41: Turner was essential in the transition from R&B to Rock'n'Roll; The Cookies provided backing vocals on this track)

Round and Round - Perry Como (1957 - #1: Como had 49 BB Hot 100 singles chart between 1954 and 1974; Ballantine Beer used the tune in a commercial)

Free Electric Band - Albert Hammond (1973 - #48: Hammond is a prolific songwriter who also performs solo)

Roundabout - Yes (1972 - #13: Rick Wakeman was a session keyboard player known as "One Take Wakeman" before joining Yes)

5:15 - The Who (1979 - #45: released as part of the Quadrophenia soundtrack in 1973, the song was re-released when the movie came out in 1979)

You've Made Me So Very Happy - Blood, Sweat, & Tears (1969 - #2: band trombonist Jerry Hyman had a successful career as a chiropractor after leaving the music business)

Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones (1977 - #81: at the height of Beatlemania Paul McCartney would register in hotels as 'Paul Ramone', and that became the inspiration for the band's name; song ranks #457/RS500)

Hey Paula - Paul & Paula (1963 - #1: Jill Jackson from McCaney, TX was Paula; Ray Hildebrand was Paul)

Feeling Alright - Joe Cocker (1969 - #69; re-released 1973 - #33: his cover of the Traffic song written by Dave Mason; Carol Kaye of the Wrecking Crew on bass; Merry Clayton, who sang on "Gimme Shelter", provides backing vocals)

Baby Don't Go - Sonny & Cher (1965 - #8: Sonny Bono wrote the song, which was a regional hit when released in 1964; it was re-released after the popularity of "I Got You Babe" and charted nationally)

Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves - Cher (1971 - #1: Cher is backed by the Wrecking Crew on the song that revived her recording career)

It's Your Thing - The Isley Brothers (1969 - #2: song is said to be about Berry Gordy's heavy-handed treatment of the brothers when they with Motown; song ranks #420/RS500 and won the group a Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance)

The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals (1964 - #1: Hilton Valentine provided the distinctive arpeggio opening on his Gretsch guitar; song ranks #122/RS500)

Bobby's Girl - Marcie Blane (1962 - #3: one-hit wonder for Blane, who recorded the song as a demo for a friend)

Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance) - Leo Sayer (1974 - #9: Sayer co-wrote the song that was his first big hit in the US)

Last of the Singing Cowboys - The Marshall Tucker Band (1979 - #42: Doug Gray played keyboards and is the lead singer for the Southern Rock band)

The Bitch Is Back - Elton John (1974 - #4: Dusty Springfield provided backing vocals for the Bernie Taupin-penned lyrics from the LP Caribou)

Back to our 5th Anny Special

The Blob - The Five Blobs (1958 - #33: Burt Bacharach provided the music for the theme from the movie of the same name)

Light Sings - The 5th Dimension (1971 - #44: the song debuted on the charts 50 years ago - 5/22/71)

5-10-15 - Ruth Brown (1952 - DNC: although it did not make the pop charts, the song went to #1 on the R&B chart)

The Story in Your Eyes - The Moody Blues (1971 - #23: from the LP Every Good Boy Deserves Favour put out by the 5 man group)

To the Aisle - The Five Satins (1957 - #25: songwriting credits went to the members of the group; song was used in the film American Graffiti)

O-o-h Child - The Five Stairsteps (1970 - #8: song ranks #392/RS500 for the "First Family of Soul", which was made up of four brothers and a sister whose mother said they looked like stairsteps when all lined up)

Western Union - The Five Americans (1967 - #5: the group's only Top 20 hit)

The Glory of Love - The Five Keys (1951 - DNC: a doo-wop classic that went to #1 on the R&B charts)

Shake a Tail Feather - The Five Du-tones (1963 - #51: the group was popular during the early-60's dance craze period; Ray Charles recorded the song for use in The Blues Brothers movie)

CLOSING THEME:  Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny (1959 - #1 for two weeks)

dnc = did not chart
nr = not released as a single at the time
AC = Billboard’s chart for “Adult Contemporary” records
BB = Billboard Magazine, which publishes the Hot 100 chart (previously known as the Top 100), along with several other charts
Bubbling Under = songs that were ranked but fell below the top 100
C&W = Billboard’s chart for “Country & Western” records
R&B = Billboard’s chart for “Rhythm & Blues” records
RRHOF = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
RS500 = Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranked list of the top 500 singles of all-time

Host May 29, 2021: Kim Vaughan (KV) with a spotlight on Commencement.  

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

May 15, 2021 - GJ - Comings and Goings

Rockin’ Remnants

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Date:  May 15, 2021

Host:  Gregory James

Feature: Comings and Goings

Birthday Calendar

May 9

Billy Joel      72 years old

Dave Prater (Sam and Dave)  (b. 1937  d. 1988)

Richie Furay 77 years old

May 10

Donovan 75 years old

Dave Mason 75 years old

May 11

Butch Trucks  (b. 1947  d. 2017)

Eric Burdon 80 years old

May 12

Steve Winwood 73 years old

May 13

Stevie Wonder 71 years old

Ritchie Valens      (b. 1941  d. 1959)

Mary Wells (b. 1943  d. 1992)

May 14

Jack Bruce (b. 1943  d. 2014)

Bobby Darin (b. 1936  d. 1973)

David Byrne (Talking Heads) 69 years old

May 15

Trini Lopez (b. 1937  d. 2020)


* songs with * were requests

* all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for subsequent dates) unless otherwise noted

* glossary of terms is below the playlist


OPENING THEME: Good Old Rock n’ Roll—Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys (1969, #29, produced by Jimi Hendrix)

Let’s Go   Routers 1962   #19

Routers : Let's Go lyrics by LyricsVault45cat - The Routers - Let's Go (Pony) / Mashy - Warner Bros. - USA - 5283

Written by the Duncan Brothers Lanny and Robert, the rhythm was sampled on several other songs, including the Cars’ “Let’s Go.”  Also, if you have ever been to a stadium sporting event, you have probably heard the “Let’s Go” handclap and chant.

Come Together Beatles 1969  #1

Come Together': The Story Behind The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' Song | by  uDiscover Music | uDiscover Music | MediumThe Beatles Something US 7" vinyl single (7 inch record) (565041)

The song’s title was inspired by the short-lived California gubernatorial campaign of Timothy Leary, running against Ronald Reagan. Ringo muffled his drums with dishtowels wrapped around his snare drum and tom-tom.

Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac    1977  #10

Inside Fleetwood Mac's “Go Your Own Way” Demo And The Lyric That Never Made  'Rumours' | Society Of Rock

This was the Mac’s first top-ten hit in the U.S. Lindsey Buckingham met Stevie Nicks in 1965 when he was sixteen years old. They broke up ten years later and Buckingham subsequently wrote this unhappy anniversary song.

Baby Come Back Player 1978  #1

Baby Come Back" - PlayerPlayer - Baby Come Back (Instrumental Original) - YouTube

Another break up song based on actual events, this track has turned up on “The Simpsons” and a Swiffer commercial.

Baby Please Don’t Go Them 1965   #102

Them - Baby, Please Don't Go - Suggestions - RuiCardologyThem - Baby Please Don't Go - YouTube

Van Morrison was 19 years old when he recorded this track which was the A-side to “Gloria” (which peaked at #93).

*Come and Get Your Love   Redbone  1974   #5

Why 'Come and Get Your Love' now? After 46 years 'the time has come' |  Navajo-Hopi Observer | Navajo & Hopi Nations, AZRedbone - Come And Get Your Love (Ronny Hammond's Nothing The Matter Edit)  (FREE DL) by ✰ Ronny Hammond ™

The definitive song about self-acceptance, the phrase “come and get your love” is repeated 29 times during the recording.

Go Where You Wanna Go    Fifth Dimension 1967   #16

The 5th Dimension – Go Where You Wanna Go Lyrics | Genius LyricsThe 5th Dimension – Go Where You Wanna Go (1966, Vinyl) - Discogs

This was from the group’s 1967 debut LP and was their first charting single.

Along Comes Mary Association    1966  #7

The Association – Along Comes Mary (instrumental) Lyrics | Genius LyricsThe Association - The Association 45 RPM Along Comes Mary / Your Own Love - Music

The Association was the first act at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. “…Mary” was the group’s breakthrough hit record.

A Change is Gonna Come Sam Cooke   1965  #31

A Change Is Gonna Come', a hymn for Civil RightsSam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come Music Video | Music videos, Youtube  videos music, Music

Reportedly Cooke was inspired to write his first song with political overtones after hearing Bob Dylan’s anti-racist song “Blowing in the Wind” and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Coming On Strong Brenda Lee 1966     #11

Brenda Lee - Coming on Strong [Vinyl LP] - Music

After her father’s death in 1953, Brenda Lee at the age of 10 supported her family by her singing.

Come and Get It    Badfinger   1970   #7

Top 10 Badfinger SongsBadfinger – Come And Get It (1970, Scranton Pressing, Vinyl) - Discogs

Composed and produced by Paul McCartney who insisted that Badfinger (then called The Iveys) perform the song exactly to his specifications.

Come Dancing Kinks 1983   #6   

Pin on The Kinks - 1969 - presentThe Kinks Preservation Society: X-Raying 'X-Ray' by Ray Davies: Part One

The song was inspired by Ray Davies sister Rene who suffered a fatal heart attack while she was dancing.  Davies has said that the record company asked him to sing the song in more of an American accent, but he declined to do so.

Going to a Go-Go  Miracles  1966   #11  H100  #2 R&B

How Claudette Robinson Earned Her Title as the "First Lady of Motown" -  InsideHook

Smokey Robinson’s wife Claudette is one of the backing vocalists.

Go Away Little Girl The Happenings 1966   #12

THE HAPPENINGS 45 RPM GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL / TEA TIME - Music45cat - The Happenings - Go Away Little Girl / Tea Time - Fontana -  Netherlands - 269 807 TFThe Happenings – Go Away Little Girl (1966, Vinyl) - Discogs

Some good story telling in this song by Carole King and Gerry Goffin that was released on at least three different labels.

Come Go With Me  Dell Vikings 1957   #4 H100  #2 R&B

Album Come Go With Me, The Del Vikings | Qobuz: download and streaming in  high qualityMarv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks - DEL VIKINGS

Legend has it that the song was written in five minutes and recorded in the basement of a Pittsburgh disc jockey. As you can see in the photos above, the group's name sometimes had one "l" and sometimes two.

Go Now!     Moody Blues   1965   #10

Moody Blues – Go Now – PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

The exclamation point in the title distinguishes it from an earlier version of the song.


Summer Highland Falls Billy Joel    1975 NR

Song of the Day #1,144: 'Summer, Highland Falls' – Billy Joel | Meet Me In  MontaukHighland Falls NY * | Highland falls, State signs, Highland

Joel lived in Highland Falls NY when he returned to the East Coast from Los Angeles. He said that he wrote the song for two reasons: his relationship with his then-wife Elizabeth was not working out, and because he recognized that sadness and euphoria each played a role in his creativity.

When Something Is Wrong With My Baby  Sam and Dave  1967   #42

When Something Is Wrong With My Baby" by Sam & Dave | Grab Some Headphones  and Jam Out to Baby Driver's Phenomenal Soundtrack | POPSUGAR EntertainmentSam & Dave – When Something Is Wrong With My Baby / Small Portion Of Your  Love (1967, Vinyl) - Discogs

This original version of the song was the first time that Dave sang the solo lead on the first verse

C’Mon    Poco   1971   #69

Poco – C'mon / I Guess You Made It (1971, Vinyl) - DiscogsPoco | PopBopRocktilUDrop

Richie Furay composed this feel-good invitation to have a good time (which also ties in with tonight’s theme of “Coming and Going”).

Museum Donovan 1967 NR

Gary James' Interview with Donovan LeitchMellow Yellow (album) - Wikipedia

From his LP “Mellow Yellow” which was produced by Mickie Most and arranged by John Paul Jones—yes, that John Paul Jones.

If You’ve Got Love Dave Mason 1973 NR

How Traffic's Dave Mason Wrote “Feelin' Alright?“ | GuitarPlayerDave Mason – It's Like You Never Left (1995, CD) - Discogs

George Harrison adds some fine slide guitar work to this track from Mason’s LP “It’s Like You Never Left.”

Mama Told Me Not to Come    Eric Burdon/Animals     1967 NR

Eric Burdon & The Animals – Mama Told Me Not to Come Lyrics | Genius LyricsEric Burdon & The Animals – Eric Is Here – Vinyl Distractions

From the LP “Eric Is Here,” this was the first recording of Randy Newman’s song.  Another themed song.

Come and Go Blues    Allman Brothers   1973

Jessica (instrumental) - WikipediaR.I.P. Butch Trucks, founding member and drummer of Allman Brothers Band  has died - Consequence

Butch Trucks plays conga on this B-side to “Jessica” from the “Brothers and Sisters” LP. Yet another themed song.

Hold On Steve Winwood 1977 DNC

Top 10 Steve Winwood Songs - ClassicRockHistory.comWinwood, Steve - Steve Winwood - Music

From Winwood’s debut solo studio LP.

Golden Lady Stevie Wonder 1973 NR

Vinyl Album - Stevie Wonder - Innervisions - Tamla - USAStevie Wonder: Rolling Stone Album Guide - Rolling Stone

From his “Innervisions” LP.

Come On Let’s Go  Ritchie Valens 1958  #42

Ritchie Valens – Come On, Let's Go (Vinyl) - Discogs45cat - Ritchie Valens - Come On, Let's Go / Framed - Del-Fi - USA - - RARE RITCHIE VALENS 78 " COME ON, LET'S GO / DOOBY DOOBY WAH  " PYE I. N 25000 V+ - auction details

The pride of Pacoima California, Valens learned to play the guitar right-handed, even though he was left-handed. This track qualifies for both “Coming” and “Going.”

The One Who Really Loves You   Mary Wells  1962    

#8 H100  #2 R&B

The one who really loves you / i'm gonna stay by Mary Wells, SP with  recordsbymail - Ref:3106409835

Written by Smokey Robinson and played by the Funk Brothers. 

Deserted Cities of the Heart Cream 1968 NR

West Hampstead Life | Jack Bruce: the Cream of West Hampstead's musical  talent

Not only did Jack Bruce sing brilliantly in a plethora of rhythms, he played a smoking bass line at the same time.

Once in a Lifetime  Talking Heads   1981     #103

The original studio version bubbled under for one week and then fell off the charts, but the track did make the RRHOF.

Dream Lover Bobby Darin   1959   #2

Bobby Darin - Dream Lover, Beyond The Sea, Splish Splash, Mack the Knife,  Plain Jane | Bobby darin, Bobby, Rock and rollDream Lover”1958-1973 | The Pop History DigDream Lover Tops The Charts | uDiscover

The pianist was Neil Sedaka.

Come a Little Bit Closer   Trini Lopez 1969    #121

Trini Lopez – Come A Little Bit Closer (1969, Vinyl) - Discogs

Some great musical effects that other versions don’t have: the glass dropping, the window shattering. Plus Lopez was actually fluent in Spanish beyond “vamanos.”  And, yes, a fifth birthday calendar song that also fits the “Coming and Going” theme.

Come On Down to My Boat Baby  Every Mother’s Son   1967  #6

Every Mothers' Son – Come On Down To My Boat / I Believe In You (1967,  Vinyl) - Discogs

The group had its origins in the Greenwich Village folk scene. They consciously sported a clean-cut, preppie image in contrast to the prevailing hippie styles of the late ’60’s. Their version of “Come On Down..” is actually a cover.


Come On a My House (mega mix)

Julie London

 Julie London - Wikipedia

Louis Prima 

Louis Prima

Ross Bagdasarian 

William Saroyan And Ross Bagdasarian / Ross Bagdasarian – Come On-A My House  / Oh, Beauty! (1951, Shellac) - Discogs

Rosemary Clooney 1951  #1  (6 weeks)

The Fascinating Journey of 'Come On-A My House' | News

Kay Starr 1951  Peaked at #17

Come On-A My House by Kay Starr on Amazon Music -

The song was written in 1939 by cousins Ross Bagdasarian (a.k.a. David Seville of Alvin and the Chipmunks fame) and William Saroyan (the playwright). They composed the song, based on a traditional Armenian melody, while on a road trip through New Mexico. The song originally intended to celebrate the Armenian custom of inviting friends and family over to one’s house for celebrations. It was not until later that the song morphed into another sort of invitation.

Come On Over to My Place      Drifters   1965   #60

Covered by Bruce Springsteen

Johnny Moore sang lead in an ever-changing line up of Drifter musicians.

Go Jimmy Go Jimmy Clanton  1960  #5 H100  #19 R&B

Just a Dream": On the eve of his final full-length BR concert, Jimmy Clanton  looks back on a great career | Entertainment/Life | theadvocate.com45cat - Jimmy Clanton - Go, Jimmy, Go / I Trusted You - Ace - USA - 575

The photogenic Clanton starred in a few movies including a 1959 movie called “Go Johnny Go” about a young singer (Clanton) discovered by Chuck Berry and Alan Freed, who played themselves.

Come Saturday Morning Sandpipers 1970  #17

The Sandpipers - IMDb

The record entered the charts twice and reached #17 on its second try in June 1970. It was featured in the film “The Sterile Cuckoo.”

Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go Hank Ballard 1960  #6

Hank Ballard And The Midnighters… Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go…. (1959) |  Black music, Soul music, Singing groups

The record’s alternate title is “There’s a Thrill on the Hill,” taken from the song’s first lyric.

Come Monday  Jimmy Buffett 1974  #30

The BBC has traditionally prohibited trademarked brand names in its musical entertainment programming. Consequently, on the U.K. single version of "Come Monday" Buffet had to change the lyric “I’ve got my Hush Puppies on” to “I’ve got my hiking shoes on.” 

Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday (1974, Vinyl) - DiscogsJimmy Buffett – Come Monday (1974) | Samuelsounds

When the Morning Comes Hall and Oates    1974   NR

Hall and Oates fanpage on Instagram: “@Regrann from @qdbdhjo_ - "They sat  in an abandoned luncheonette, sipping imaginary … | Hall & oates, Face  drawing, Daryl hallDaryl Hall & John Oates – When The Morning Comes (1974, Vinyl) - Discogs

This was the leadoff track for “Abandoned Luncheonette.”

Here You Come Again    Dolly Parton  1978   

#3 H100  #1 CW (5 weeks)

Here You Come Again (song) - Wikipedia45cat - Dolly Parton - Here You Come Again / Me And Little Andy - RCA  Victor - New Zealand - 103007

Written by Cynthia Weill and Barry Mann and originally intended for Brenda Lee, this track was Parton’s first major crossover hit.  Parton insisted that a steel guitar be included on the track so that it wouldn’t be perceived as sounding too "pop."

Goin’ Out of My Head   Little Anthony 1964  #6

Goin' Out Of My Head': Little Anthony & the Imperials' Stirring Soul Staple

The Imperials (and the uncredited soprano backup singers) lift the sentiment of the song from a conventional lovelorn metaphor to a musical evocation of someone actually on the brink of losing their sanity.

Goin’ Down Freddie King (1971)  Jeff Beck 1972   NR

I'm Going Down - Freddie King cover by @valleyguitaristRevisiting the Jeff Beck Group's Final Album

A mash up of two versions. Freddie King’s was recorded at Chess Studios in Chicago for Leon Russel’s Shelter label. Duck Dunn played bass. Composer Don Nix was very impressed with Jeff Beck’s version.

No Particular Place to Go   Chuck Berry  1964   #10

Chuck Berry – No Particular Place To Go / Liverpool Drive (1964, Green,  Vinyl) - Discogs

The record’s melody replicates his earlier song “School Days.”  This particular couple’s romantic frustrations notwithstanding, always be sure to buckle up.

Come to Me Softly Fleetwoods    1959   #1

Come Softly to Me by The Fleetwoods on Amazon Music -

The three Fleetwoods wrote the song and made an a cappella home recording of the song, which was subsequently augmented with simple acoustic guitar in the record label studio and released.

Coming Into Los Angeles   Arlo Guthrie  1969   NR

Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles – PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection  of Pop Culture

From the LP “Running Down the Road.” The consensus seems to be that the fine guitar work on this track is by Clarence White. 

Take It As It Comes    The Rowans  1975  NR

La Bible de la Westcoast Music - Cool Night -: The Rowans "The Rowans"  (1975) -Country Rock-

Blend a little Grateful Dead (with whom The Rowans toured) with the Eagles and you get this very listenable track of California rock.

Come to Me   Marv Johnson    1959  #30 H100  #6R&B

1. Marv Johnson: “Come To Me” | Motown JunkiesMarv Johnson - Wikipedia

Johnson was 20 years old when he recorded the first single to be released on the Tamla label. James Jamerson was the bassist and Benny Benjamin was the drummer. This was before the Motown house musicians were known as The Funk Brothers.

Let’s Go     The Cars 1979  #14

This was the debut single from their second studio LP “Candy-O.” The single dropped on June 12, 1979 and became the summer song to cruise to. And, coming full circle, the song does pay homage to the Routers’ 1962 song of the same name.

CLOSING THEME: Sleep Walk – Santo and Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Glossary of Terms:

DNC = did not chart

NR = not released as a single at the time

AC = Billboard’s chart for Adult Contemporary records

BB = Billboard Magazine, publisher of the Hot 100 and other charts

H100 = Billboard Hot 100

Bubbling Under = songs that were ranked but fell below the top 100

CW = Billboard’s chart for country and western records

R&B = Billboard’s chart of rhythm and blues records

RRHOF = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

RS 500 = Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranking of the top 500 singles of all time.

Host May 22, 2021: Jan Hunsinger celebrates his 5th Anniversary as a Rockin’ Remnants host, featuring groups and songs with '5' in the title and songs by groups with five members.

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