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May 23rd, 2015 - JR - 1973

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Date:  May 23, 2015
Host:  JR
Feature:  1973

This week it’s the chart sounds of spring 1973. Many hours 

at night were spent glued to the AM radio, trying to hear the 

Top 40 sounds, and spinning the dial, searching for those 

50,000 watt super stations broadcasting 24 hours a day with 

the hottest songs in a 90 minute rotation!  And the sounds 

that were lighting up the night time airwaves?: Elton John, 

Dobie Gray, Alice Cooper, Charlie Rich, Albert Hammond, 

Focus, Stealers Wheel, War, The Temptations, need I say 

more??? We’ll check in with the Birthday Calendar at 7:00 

and in the 45 Corner, Pink Floyd with the 7” vinyl version of 

“Us And Them”, not available on LP or CD or MP3 or 

nothin’!; a Rockin’ Remnants exclusive.

6pm – 7pm

Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group – BB Hot 100 #1, 1 


The younger brother of blues guitar legend Johnny Winter, 

this band also included future pop 

stars Ronnie Montrose and Dan Hartman; “Frankenstein” 

was their only Top 10 and Hot 100 #1 hit.

Image result for frankenstein edgar winter 45Image result for frankenstein edgar winter 45

My Love – Paul McCartney & Wings – BB Hot 100 #2

Next week this would ascend to #1, giving McCartney both 

this single and the LP it came from (Red Rose 

Speedway) sitting atop the Billboard charts!

Daniel – Elton John – BB Hot 100 #3

Lyricist Bernie Taupin called this song about a veteran 

returning home from war one of his favorites.  This peaked at

 Hot 100 #2.

Drift Away – Dobie Gray – BB Hot 100 #8

Dobie was a journeyman soul singer and stage actor when 

he hooked up Nashville songwriter 

Mentor Williams (brother of Paul), and recorded this classic: 

“Give me the beat boys and free my soul / I want to get lost 

in your rock and roll and Drift Away.” Great stuff…

Hocus Pocus – Focus – BB Hot 100 #10

A true “out of left field” Top Ten hit for this Dutch progressive

rock unit!  The single edit chopped out drum solos, 

accordion solos, and a yodeling solo.  Click on the title to 

hear the original LP version.

Image result for focus hocus pocus 45Image result for focus hocus pocus 45

Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealers Wheel – BB Hot

 100 #13

The duo of Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan had a few hits in 

the mid 70’s, this being their first and biggest, peaking at 

Hot 100 #6.  The late Gerry Rafferty had a successful 

solo career later in the decade, while Egan seems to have 

faded away to obscurity.  A whole new generation was 

introduced to this song by a rather gruesome scene in the 

movie Reservoir Dogs in 1992.

Funky Worm – Ohio Players – BB Hot 100 #15

Peaking at Hot 100 #15, this was the first Top 40 song 

for these funky Ohioans.  A classic example of a song I 

searched up and down the AM dial for just to hear it one 

more time!

Image result for funky worm ohio playersImage result for funky worm ohio players

I’m Doing Fine Now– New York City – BB Hot 100 #22

This rather anonymous soul band from Harlem had the 

good fortune to have their first single produced by the 

legendary Thom Bell. It was their only hit, peaking at Hot 

100 #17.

Leaving Me – The Independents – BB Hot 100 #23

The only Top 40 hit for this Chicago vocal quartet peaked at 

Hot 100 #21, although it was a chart topper on the Billboard

R&B chart.

The Cisco Kid – War – Hot 100 #24

This L.A. soul/Latino band had a string of hits in the 70’s 

after parting ways with Eric Burdon in 1970.  The original 

Cisco Kid wandered the Wild West and TV sets from 1950 to

1956, along with his sidekick, Pancho.  

No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper – Hot 100 #26

Alice rocked both the singles and the LP charts back in the

 70’s.  This one peaked at Hot 100 #25, off the #1 LP Billion 

Dollar Babies.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (45 version) – The

Rolling Stones –  BB Hot 100 #45

This was originally released as the flip side of “Honky Tonk 

Women” on London Records in 1969.  After the Stones  

inked a new record deal with Atlantic in 1971, the owner of 

the Stones early recordings, Allen B. Klein,started 


some LP’s and 45’s, this being one of them.  The original 

release was in mono, while this is in stereo.  You can find 

this version on CD and vinyl, including The Rolling Stones 

Singles Collection: The London Years. The 45 edit peaked 

next week at Hot 100 #42.

Image result for you can't always get what you want 45Image result for you can't always get what you want 45

7pm – 8pm

Birthday Calendar

May 17th – Bill Bruford (Yes), 66
May 18th – Albert Hammond, 75
                  Rick Wakeman (Yes), 66
                  Perry Como, 1912
                  Big Joe Turner, 1911
 May 19th – Pete Townshend, 70

 May 20th – Cher, 69
                   Joe Cocker, 1944

 May 21st – Ronald Isley, 74
                   Leo Sayer, 67
 May 22nd – Bernie Taupin, 64

“Shout, pts. 1 & 2”, in stereo – The Isley Brothers, 1959

This song is considered a party classic, due in large part to its inclusion in the movie Animal House in 1978.  However, on its original release in 1959 it hobbled up to just #47 on the Hot 100.  Ronald Isley was only 19 when he recorded the excited and exciting lead vocals on this!  Now wa-a-a-ait  a minute…

“Giving It All Away” – Leo Sayer, 1975

Sayer was a struggling British singer/songwriter until cover versions of his songs by Roger Daltrey and Three Dog Night finally broke him on the Billboard Hot 100.  His 70’s career included 2 Hot 100 #1 singles, and a Top 10 LP (Endless Flight).  Click on the video to see a cool duet with Rog.

For the most part, I always thought Sonny & Cher’s songs were kind of corny, but I loved this and couldn’t get enough of it when it was in hot rotation in Winter ’72.
Check out the video for Cher’s groovy outfit, and lip-synching to a full orchestra!

“Delta Lady” – Joe Cocker,1969

Written by Leon Russell for Rita Coolidge, and sung by the late Joe Cocker, this peaked at Hot 100 #69, not a major pop hit, but a progressive rock radio staple of the late 60’s.

“My Generation” – The Who, 1965

If John Lennon claimed that the first intentional feedback was on “I Feel Fine”, this came in a close second!  In fact, Decca Records US sent the master back to England claiming there was too much distortion and feedback and it needed to be remixed of rerecorded.  The Who are out on tour in 2015 and it has been suggested that the lyric to this be changed from “Hope I Die before I get old” to “Hope I can sing this when I’m 70 years old”!
The video link for this is from the Smothers Brothers TV show, and is one of the greatest moments on the tube in the 1960’s… Classic stuff!

Image result for my generation the who decca 45Image result for my generation the who decca 45

“It’s Impossible” – Perry Como, 1912

One of the top entertainers of the 50’s and 60’s, it had been over 12 years since Perry had a song on the Billboard Pop chart (“Kewpie Doll, #6, 1958) until the release of this nice ballad in 1970, perfectly suited for Perry’s smooth vocal style.  It was his last Top 10 peaking at Hot 100 10.

“Corrine, Corrina” – Big Joe Turner, 1911

Big Joe was one of the great R&B players signed to Atlantic Records in the 50’s.  This was the closest he came to a pop hit, peaking on the BB Top 100 #41.  Click here to see more about this influential vocalist.

“Roundabout” – Yes, 1972

Both keyboard wiz Rick Wakeman and drummer Bill Bruford had birthday #66 last week.  We celebrate here on Remnants with original LP version, featuring some nice organ riffs and drum fills truncated from the 45 version…

"A Must To Avoid" - Herman's Hermits - 1966

Another first time stereo from the Bear Family box set!  Thanks again to my buddy, JS...

"I Count The Tears" - The Drifters - 1961

One of the last Drifters hits with the late Ben E. King on lead vocals.

"Things" - Bobby Darin - 1962

Image result for things bobby darin 45

"It's Too Late" - Chuck Willis - 1956

I searched the Web for a video with the late Chuck Willis, but alas found none.  However, if you click on the title, you'll see a really cool cover version and a rare live appearance by Derek & The Dominoes from the Johnny Cash TV show in 1970!

"Every Picture Tells A Story" - Rod Stewart - 1971

8pm – 9pm Back to our chart date of 5/23/1973 + Happy 

Hour 70’s & 80’s

Hearts Of Stone – Blue Ridge Rangers – BB Hot 100 #37

This was actually John Fogerty as a one-man-band,

This tune was first a hit for The Charms in 1955.

Image result for hearts of stone blue ridge rangersImage result for hearts of stone blue ridge rangers

I Knew Jesus (Before He Was A Star) – Glen Campbell – BB Hot 100 #19

Despite the wickedness of his Rock’n’Roll lifestyle, Glen 

frequently turned to his roots in the church; this peaked at 

Hot 100 #45.

Behind Closed Doors – Charlie Rich – BB Hot 100 #49

The “Silver Fox” had a nice run of hits in the 70’s on both 

the Pop and Country charts.  This song was moving up the 

chart fast and would peak at Hot 100 #15, Country #1, and

 certified Platinum, for a sales over a million copies!

Masterpiece (45 version) – Temptations – BB Hot 100 #56

A psychedelic workout from the Tempts and producer 

Norman Whitfield, the LP version is over 13 minutes, while 

the 45 is trimmed to 4:30.  A great piece of 70’s funk, and 

socially conscious, to boot!  Check out the threads on the 

Soul Train video clip.  Far out…

Free Electric Band – Albert Hammond – BB Hot 100 #63

Hammond had a string of hits in the mid 70’s, and also 

penned a big hit for the Hollies and Leo Sayer.  Happy 

birthday Albert on 5/18!

 The First Cut Is The Deepest – Keith Hampshire – BB Hot 100 #70

If you go on YouTube and type in this song, there is a great 

debate on who did the best version.  Was it the original by

 Cat Stevens?  The first cover by Pat Arnold?  Rod Stewart? 

Sheryl Crow?  Seems the majority goes to this version by 

Canadian Hampshire.  And the shame of it all is that his 

version only made it up to #70 on the Hot 100, although it 

was a #1 in his native Canada.  The video link has a little 

story about Keith’s recording of “First Cut”.

Image result for the first cut is the deepest keith hampshire 45Image result for the first cut is the deepest keith hampshire 45

So Very Hard To Go – Tower Of Power – BB Hot 100 #71

The hottest horn section of the 70’s also played for Little 

Feat, The Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt and more!  

Canadian equivalent: Lighthouse.

Peaceful – Helen Reddy – BB Hot 100 #75

Kenny Rankin was one of many singer/songwriter “new 

Dylans” of the decade that never panned out.  This cover 

version peaked at Hot 100 #12.

Image result for peaceful helen reddyImage result for peaceful helen reddy

Swamp Witch – Jim Stafford – BB Hot 100 #76

Jim had a short run of hits in the mid 70’s, a summer

 replacement TV show in 1975, and was married to Bobbie

 Gentry for a year: quite a resume for a backwoods boy from 

Eloise, Florida.  His first charting single just cracked the Top 

40 at #39.

What's Your Mama's Name – Tanya Tucker – BB Hot 100


The young Tanya Tucker enjoyed many top country hits in 

the 70’s, but only “Lizzie And The Rainman” made the Hot 

100 at #37 in 1975.

Image result for what's your mamas name tanya tucker 45Image result for what's your mamas name tanya tucker 45

45 Corner

Us And Them – Pink Floyd – BB Bubbling Under, #120, 1

 week, 3/73

A rare Pink Floyd single from The Dark Side Of The Moon, 

this edit, on Harvest Records, trims almost 4 minutes from 

the LP version, including a quick fade-out right before the 

sax solo.  Another Rockin’ Remnants exclusive!

Image result for us and them pink floyd 45Image result for us and them pink floyd 45

 "Ballad Of A Well Known Gun" - Elton John - 1971

Side One, Track One from Tumbleweed Connection, which

spawned no hit singles,  but established Elton and Bernie's

cred on FM radio.

"I Can't Breakaway" - Chuck Jackson - 1973

This single did not chart for soul singer Jackson, but charted

at Hot 100 #60 for the Australian band Big Pig as 

"Breakaway" in 1988.

Image result for i can't breakaway chuck jackson probe 45Image result for i can't breakaway chuck jackson probe 45

"Queen Of Hearts" - Dave Edmunds - 1979

The cover version by Juice Newton in 1980 was the big hit of

this song, peaking at Hot 100 #2 for 2 weeks.

"Me And The Boys" - NRBQ - 1980

CLOSING THEME:  Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Host Next Week (May 30th):  John Simon with a spotlight on the banjo!

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