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December 27th, 1977 - JR

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Date:  12-27-2014
Host:  JR
Feature:  1977

This week it’s the chart sounds of late 1977

and the “Fever” was starting to spread, on the 

screen, in the clubs and on the radio.  This 

may have been the last time I really paid

attention to the AM radio, as soon I started

working more at WVBR, and began delving 

into the “progressive” rock acts of the late 60’s

and early 70’s (but also keeping an ear out on 

the Hot 100). We’ll check out the Birthday 

Calendar at 7:00 and in the 45 Corner the 

single version of “Come Sail Away” by Styx, 

and the 45 version of “What’s Your Name” by 

Lynyryd Skynyrd, only available on 7” vinyl. 

 We’ll also play some Remnants trivia, with a

chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Angry 

Mom Records on the Commons, just in time 

for the New Year!


How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees – BB Hot 100 #1, 


The first single released off the Saturday Night Fever 

soundtrack.  The Brothers Gibb would soon dominate the 

charts like no other artist since The Beatles in 1964

Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt – BB Hot 100 #3

It’s So Easy – Linda Ronstadt – BB Hot 100 #5

While the Bee Gees were just gearing up for their chart run, 

Linda was hot as a pistol in the 

late 70’s and had these two cover versions (Roy Orbison and

Buddy Holly) both in the Top 10 this week.

(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again – L.T.D.

–BB Hot 100 #4

The only Hot 100 Top 10 single for this North Carolina soul 

band led by Jeffrey Osborne; the initials of the group stand 

for “Love, Togetherness and Devotion”. 

Baby Come Back – Player – BB Hot 100 #6

RSO Records was as hot as Saturday Night Fever, and this

would peak at Hot 100 #1 on 1/14/1978 for 3 weeks.

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue – Crystal Gayle – BB

Hot 100 #7

Crossing over from the Country Chart, this peaked at Hot 

100 #2 for 3 weeks.

Sentimental Lady – Bob Welch– BB Hot 100 #9

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist (1971-1974), his first single 

on the Hot 100 was a remake of a song originally done on 

the LP Bare Trees, and features Christine McVie on 

background vocals.

Slip Slidin’ Away – Paul Simon – BB Hot 100 #10

Paul had not been on the Hot 100 for almost 2 years, and 

this single, recorded for his Greatest Hits LP, peaked at #5.

Isn’t It Time – The Babys – BB Hot 100 #13

The highest charting single (they did it twice) for this British 

group led by John Waite, peaked this week on the Hot 100.

 45 Corner

Come Sail Away (45 version) – Styx – BB Hot 100 #14

The first 45 released off the monster LP The Grand Illusion

this version trims almost 3 minutes off the album track,

 clocking in at 3:10.  This has been available on Various

Artists compilation CD’s but not on any Styx LP or CD.

Swingtown – Steve Miller Band – BB Hot 100 #17

Steve started his career in the 60’s playing the blues.

By the 70’s he had honed his pop chops, topping both the 

LP and singles charts.  This release from Book Of Dreams 

peaked this week on the Hot 100.  Check out this Mustang 

commercial from 1979 with Swingtown as the theme music!

We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions – Queen – BB

Hot 100 #18

The first part of this song did not chart but received 

extensive airplay, both on the radio and in sports venues. 

Both songs were segued together on the LP News Of The 



Birthday Calendar

December 21st – Carla Thomas, 72
                              Carl Wilson (Beach Boys), 1946
                              Frank Zappa, 1940
December 22nd – Maurice Gibb, 1949
                               Robin Gibb, 1949

December 23rd – Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane, Hot                                Tuna), 75
                           Tim Hardin, 1941
December 24th – Lee Dorsey, 1924

December 25th – Jimmy Buffet, 68

December 26th – Phil Spector, 75

December 27th – Mick Jones (Foreigner), 69

“Knock On Wood” – Otis & Carla, 1967

The Stax Records artists were truly a soul family!  This song was originally recorded by Eddie Floyd (Hot 100 #28) and then a year later as a duet (Hot 100 #30).  Both versions feature Booker T. & The MG’s and the Memphis Horns.

“God Only Knows” – The Beach Boys, 1966

Brian Wilson chose younger brother Carl for his first lead vocal on this single from Pet Sounds because he wanted it to have an “ethereal” sound.  I’d say he delivered. Carl died in 1998 at the age of 51.

“Dancin’ Fool” – Frank Zappa, 1979

This rare charting single release from Zappa (only 3 landed on the Hot 100) peaked at #45.

Trivia Question

Q: What were Frank Zappa’s other 2 BB Hot 100 charting singles?

A: "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" from 1974 (Hot 100 #86) and “Valley Girl” with daughter Moon Unit, Hot 100 #32 in 1982, Zappa’s only foray into the Top 40.

Congratulations to Bill from Ithaca, who knew the answer and won the $10 certificate to Angry Mom Records on The Commons.

“If I Were A Carpenter” – Bobby Darin, 1966
“Simple Song Of Freedom” – Tim Hardin, 1969

Bobby gave Tim Hardin his first taste of success in 1966 with his cover of “Carpenter”.  Tim returned the favor by charting “Simple Song” written by Darin (Hot 100 #50, his only charting single).  Hardin died of a heroin overdose in 1980, age 39.

“Keep On Truckin’” – Hot Tuna, 1972

The first single released by this duo did not chart on the Hot 100, but received extensive airplay on the “progressive” FM stations of the day, including WVBR.

“Holy Cow” – Lee Dorsey, 1966

Lee had a few hits in the early 60’s, then after a short retirement from the music business, he hooked up with Allen Toussaint and had a brief chart revival in 1966; this peaked at Hot 100 #23.

“Havana Daydreamin’” – Jimmy Buffet, 1976

Jimmy has released 27 studio albums since 1970, and only one has topped the Billboard Album Chart: License To Chill in 2004.

“Sleigh Ride” – The Ronettes, 1963

It is a true tragedy that one of the most famous and talented figures in the history of popular music is spending his 75th birthday in Stockton California State Prison.  He is eligible for parole in 2027.
Click here to learn more about his life.

More Chart Hits from 12/27/1977

Serpentine Fire – Earth, Wind & Fire – BB Hot 100 #24

One of the true soul great bands of the 70’s and 80’s, this 

single release peaked at Hot 100 #13, and received airplay

 on both radio bands.

Baby, What A Big Surprise – Chicago – BB Hot 100 #25

According to Billboard, Chicago was the #5 best-selling 

artist of the 1970’s.  This release peaked at Hot 100 #4.

Point Of Know Return – Kansas – BB Hot 100 #34

Predominantly a progressive album group in the early 70’s,

this band from Topeka realized its hit record potential later 

in the decade and into the 80’s, charting 7 singles on the 

Hot 100.

Desiree – Neil Diamond – BB Hot 100 #35

Neil cranked out hit after hit for 3 decades, and still tours to 

this day.  This release from late 1977 peaked at Hot 100 #16.

45 Corner

What’s Your Name (45 version) – Lynyrd Skynyrd – BB Hot 100 #52

This 45 version, released on MCA Records, features a 

punchier piano and horns mix, perfect for AM radio!  

Tragically, the band lost 3 members in a plane crash on 

October 20th, 1977, including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant.

Tribute to Joe Cocker, who passed away on 12/22 at the 

age of 70

Live version from Woodstock, this was Cocker's introduction 

to the hipsters here in the U.S.  One of the musical 

highlights of the festival.

"Feeling Alright", 1969

Joe's first Top 40 single on the Hot 100, peaked at #33.

"Fun Time", 1978

BB Hot 100 #43.

8pm Seventies Happy Hour

More Chart Hits from 12/27/1977

Peg – Steely Dan – BB Hot 100 #44

The first single release from the Aja LP, features Michael

 McDonald on background vocals.

She’s Not There – Santana – BB Hot 100 #54

A sizzling cover of the Zombies tune from 1965 peaked at 

Hot 100 #27.

Long, Long Way From Home – Foreigner – BB Hot 100 


The third single released from their debut LP peaked at Hot 

100 #20; penned by and lead guitar by birthday boy Mick 


We Just Disagree – Dave Mason – BB Hot 100 #61

Ex-Traffic guitarist/vocalist released a handful of solo 

singles between 1970 and 1980, and this was the highest 

charting, peaking at Hot 100 #12.

Thunder Island – Jay Ferguson – BB Hot 100 #78

The only Top Ten (Hot 100 #9) single for this ex-Spirit and 

ex-Jo Jo Gunne member, features Joe Walsh on the slide 


Chart Debuts on this date

Name Of The Game – ABBA – BB Hot 100 #82

Sweden’s #1 export was running on full steam in 1977, and

 this single would peak at Hot 100 #12 in early 1978.

Boats Against The Current – Eric Carmen – BB Hot 100 


This single release from the former Raspberry only  

struggled up to Hot 100 #88 and dropped out of sight after 

3 weeks. 

Eric muddled through the next 10 years and again had a 

hit single with “Hungry Eyes” from Dirty Dancing in 1988.

I Feel Love – Donna Summer – BB Hot 100 #65

Donna was the “Queen of Disco” in the 70’s, but on this she

 was the “Queen of Electronic Disco”!  I love the synth 

keyboards and drums on this; sounded great on the AM 


Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill – BB Hot 100 #40

Native Canadian Dan Hill was huge in his own country, but 

was only able to land 2 Top 40 hits here in the States.  This 

was a #1 single in Canada, while it peaked at Hot 100 #3.

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