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October 22, 2022 - GJ - Titles beginning with "Let" or "Let's"

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Date:  October 22, 2022

Host:  Gregory James

Feature: Titles beginning with “Let” or “Let’s”

Birthday Calendar

October 16

Fred Turner  (BTO bassist) 79 years old

Roger Hawkins (Muscle Shoals drummer)    (b. 1945  d. 2021)

October 17

Jim Seals     (b. 1941  d. June 6 2022)

Gary Puckett 80 years old

October 18

Chuck Berry (b. 1926  d. 2017)

Joe Egan (Stealer’s Wheel)   76 years old

Laura Nyro (b. 1947  d. 1997)

October 19

Patrick Simmons  (Doobie Brothers)  74 years old

October 20

Wanda Jackson 85 years old

Tom Petty (b. 1950  d. 2017)

October 21

Jimmy Beaumont  (Skyliners) (b. 1940   d. 2017)

Steve Cropper     81 years old

Manfred Mann      82 years old

Ron Elliott  (Beau Brummels)  79 years old

October 22

Bobby Fuller (b. 1942  d. 1966)

Eddie Brigati (Rascals)  77 years old

Rock n’ Roll Trivia

Question: Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart recorded a song in 1969 called “L.U.V.” What cause was the song intended to promote?

(scroll down to find the answer below the playlist)


* songs with * were requests

* all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for subsequent dates) unless otherwise noted

* glossary of terms is below the playlist


OPENING THEME: Good Old Rock n’ Roll—Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys (1969, #29, produced by Jimi Hendrix)

Let’s Go (Pony) Routers 1962  #19

The musicians on the record were actually the Wrecking Crew.

Let's Go (Pony) - Single by The Routers | Spotify

Let Me In  Sensations 1962   #4 H100  #2 R&B

Written by lead singer Yvonne Baker.

The Sensations - Let Me In

Let It Be     Beatles  1970  #1

Inspired by a dream Paul McCartney had about his deceased mother, named Mary, who, in the dream, used the phrase “let it be.”

Paul McCartney thanks his late nurse mum with unseen photo tribute on  Mother's Day - Mirror Online

Let’s Get It On Marvin Gaye  1973  #1

The song had three sets of lyrics before it was released in the version we heard. 

Barney Hurley on Twitter: "Marvin Gaye & Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson,  Hitsville West, Los Angeles, CA, 1973 (Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' recording  sessions)" / Twitter

Let’s Jump the Broomstick Brenda Lee   1959   DNC

Jumping the broomstick was (and still is) a wedding ritual in several traditions and was chronicled in Alex Haley’s book Roots.

Let's Jump the Broomstick - song and lyrics by Brenda Lee | Spotify

Let Us Vote  Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart   1969  #111

During the Vietnam War there was a discrepancy between the age that one could serve in the military (18) and the age that one could vote (21).  An organization known as “Let Us Vote” (L.U.V.) lobbied to lower the voting age from 21 to 18. Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart composed “L.U.V” to publicize this initiative and the song became L.U.V.’s official campaign song. In 1971 the 26th Amendment was adopted, which lowered the voting age to 18. Fifty years later, “let us vote” has renewed resonance and relevance.

L.U.V. (Let Us Vote) / I Wanna Be Free by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart (Single;  A&M; 1031): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Let the Little Girl Dance Billy Bland 1960  #7 H100  #11 R&B

Bland retired from the music business in 1963 and ran a soul food restaurant in Harlem during the 1980’s.

BLAND,BILLY - Let the Little Girl Dance - Music

Let’s Dance Chris Montez 1962  #4

This track charted twice in the British and German top five. - CHRIS MONTEZ "LET'S DANCE" FRENCH EP ORIGINAL PIC-SLV. RECORD  Still Plays Nice - auction details

Let’s Stomp Bobby Comstock and the Counts 1963  #57

Born in Ithaca, Bobby Comstock got his musical start on the mandolin. His first love was country music. His first recordings were on the Marlee label of Trumansburg. 

Let's Stomp / I Want to Do It by Bobby Comstock (Single; Delta; DS 5022):  Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

*Let’s Spend the Night Together Rolling Stones   1967  #55

Playing bass on this track was Keith Richards rather than Bill Wyman. Requested by Scottie for Brooktondale Peggy.

Let's Spend the Night Together / Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones  (Single; Decca; 26105): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your  Music

Let the Sunshine In  5th Dimension   1969  #1

The record was actually a medley of "Aquarius" and "Let the Sunshine In" from the musical Hair. The backing musicians were the Wrecking Crew, who recorded their tracks separately from the vocals.

50 years ago "Aquarius/Let The... - The 5th Dimension | Facebook

Let My Love Open the Door   Pete Townshend 1980  #9

Townshend called the song “just a ditty” according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Let My Love Open the Door - Wikipedia

Let Me Down Easy    Betty LaVette   1965  #103 H100  #20 R&B

Widely considered to be one of the best examples of Northern Soul.

Albums That Should Exist: Bettye LaVette - Let Me Down Easy - Various Songs  (1962-1968)

Let It Be Me Everly Brothers 1960  #7

The drummer was Jerry Allison, who was Buddy Holly’s drummer.

Let It Be Me / Bye Bye Love by The Everly Brothers (Single, Country Blues):  Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Let Me Paul Revere and the Raiders 1969  #20

False ending! 

Let Me - Paul Revere & The Raiders - YouTube

Let Your Love Flow   Bellamy Brothers    1976   #1 H100  #21 CW

Neil Diamond and Johnny Rivers both passed on recording the song which became an international hit on multiple charts.

The Number Ones: The Bellamy Brothers' “Let Your Love Flow”


Let It Ride    Bachman Turner Overdrive  1974  #23

Fred Turner was the lead vocalist on their first U.S. top 40.  

Bachman–Turner Overdrive - Wikipedia

Chain of Fools   Aretha Franklin 1967  #2 H100  #1 R&B

Joe South played the tremolo guitar and Roger Hawkins played drums.

Roger Hawkins, Muscle Shoals drummer whose playing underpinned the hits of Aretha  Franklin – obituary

Diamond Girl   Seals and Crofts  1973  #6

England Dan and John Ford Coley provided backing vocals.

Music Friday Flashback: Seals & Crofts' 'Diamond Girl' Sh...

Let It Rock Chuck Berry 1960  #64

Johnnie Johnson played the piano.

Chuck Berry – Let It Rock (1987, Vinyl) - Discogs

Let’s Give Adam and Eve Another Chance    Gary Puckett/Union Gap  1970  #41 

This was the last charting single for the Union Gap.

Let's Give Adam and Eve Another Chance / The Beggar by Gary Puckett and The  Union Gap (Single; CBS; 4885): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate  Your Music

Stuck in the Middle With You Stealer’s Wheel  1973  #6

Gerry Rafferty sang lead and Joe Egan sang harmony. The record was produced by Lieber and Stoller. Luther Grosvenor played the lap steel guitar.

Stuck in the Middle With You — Stealers Wheel |

Stony End Laura Nyro  1967  DNC

Buddy Lucas played harmonica. Two versions of the song were recorded and released with different emphases on the narrator’s religious upbringing. The record is a bit of a puzzle in that it is hard to pin down exactly what it literally means. Also, the accompaniment is quite upbeat for what is, in either version, a song about heartbreak and disillusionment.

Laura Nyro was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Echoes of Love Doobie Brothers    1977  #66

Patrick Simmons wrote the song and sang lead.

Patrick Simmons - Wikipedia

Let’s Have a Party   Wanda Jackson   1960  #37  

Wanda Jackson’s version of this song was heard in Dead Poets Society. Ms. Jackson meant business...

Günün Şarkısı: Wanda Jackson - Let's Have a Party - Biletix Blog

Don’t Do Me Like That  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers  1979  #10

Tom Petty almost gave this song to the J. Geils Band.

Peter Wolf Describes the Magic of Tom Petty's Final Tour – Rolling Stone

Soul Man Blues Brothers 1979  #14

As in Sam and Dave’s original, guitarist Steve Cropper gets a shout out, this time from John Belushi.

Sean Mcdowell on Twitter: "Gtrst, producer, songwriter Steve Cropper  (B-Day) not only played gtr on every hit coming out of Memphis on Stax  Records in the 60's (his band Booker T &

Since I Don’t Have You Skyliners  1959  #12

Jimmy Beaumont was the lead singer for the Skyliners. This record was one of their first and was their biggest hit.

Since I Don't Have You | PopBopRocktilUDrop

Come Tomorrow Manfred Mann  1965  #50

The group was one of the most successful cover bands produced by the U.K. Guitarist Mike Vickers played flute on the track.

MANFRED MANN - COME TOMORROW | MANFRED MANN - COME TOMORROW Happy Birthday  MIKE VICKERS (born 18 April 1940) who came to prominence as guitarist,  flautist and saxophonist with the... | By Colouring The Past | Facebook

Just a Little Beau Brummels 1965   #8

The song was written by Ron Elliot and was their highest charting U.S. single.

The Beau Brummels – Just a Little – PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop  Culture

Let Her Dance Bobby Fuller Four     1965  #133

This great record was a big hit in Los Angeles, but only bubbled under on the national Hot 100 at #133.

Willie Simpson » Bobby Fuller Let Her Dance

A Girl Like You Young Rascals 1967   #10

Eight of the eleven tracks on the “Groovin’” album were released as singles

The Rascals - Wikipedia

*Let’s Dance  David Bowie 1983  #1

Stevie Ray Vaughan played the guitar solo at the end of the track.

Flashback To The Time David Bowie Tangoed With Stevie Ray Vaughan For  1983's “Let's Dance” | Society Of Rock


Let the Good Times Roll  Shirley and Lee  1956  #20

This New Orleans rocker was written by Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee. Earl Palmer played drums.

Shirley & Lee - Let the Good Times Roll - Music

Let the Four Winds Blow Roy Brown   1957  #24

Brown was a major influence in rhythm and blues and early rock ‘n roll. Fats Domino co-wrote the song with Brown.

Let the Four Winds Blow - song and lyrics by Roy Brown | Spotify

Let’s Live for Today Grass Roots   1967  #8

The song’s lyrics were originally written in Italian with the title “Piangi con me,” literally “cry with me.”

Let's Live for Today by The Grass Roots (EP): Reviews, Ratings, Credits,  Song list - Rate Your Music

Let Love Come Between Us   James and Bobby Purify   1967  #23 H100  #18 R&B

The Purifys were cousins from Florida.

James & Bobby Purify - Wikipedia

Let Me Love You Tonight Pure Prairie League   1980  #10 H100  #1 AC

Vince Gill sang lead and David Sanborn played sax.

Let Me Love You Tonight — Pure Prairie League |

Let Me Be Good To You   Carla Thomas  1966  #62 H100  #11 R&B

Carla Thomas charted 22 times during her career.

Let Me Be Good to You / Another Night Without My Man by Carla Thomas  (Single; Stax; 188): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Let’s Go Trippin’ Dick Dale   1962  #60

This track is regarded as the instrumental that launched surf music.

Dick Dale Repro Rendezvous Ballroom Balboa 1960's - Etsy

Let Me Belong to You Brian Hyland   1961  #20

Is it just me, or does Brian Hyland sound particularly submissive on this record?

Let Me Belong To You by Brian Hyland on Amazon Music -

Let There Be Music Orleans   1975  #55

From the album “Orleans II.” Even though the album contained the song “Dance With Me,” ABC Records did not think the album contained any hits, did not promote it, and dropped Orleans from the label.

Orleans – Reach « The Songcatcher

Let’s Go Get Stoned Ray Charles 1966  #31 H100  #1 R&B

This track was written by Ashford and Simpson and originally recorded by the Coasters with lyrics in the second and third person, as opposed to Ray Charles’ first person narrative.

Let's Go Get Stoned / The Train by Ray Charles (Single, Pop Soul): Reviews,  Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Let’s Go Steady for the Summer   Three G’s    1958  #55

The three G’s were the Glasser brothers: Bob, Ted and Jerry.

1958 Three G's - Let's Go Steady For The Summer - YouTube

Let’s Work Together Wilbert Harrison 1970  #32

This song began its life as “Let’s Stick Together,” a plea to the narrator’s wife not to divorce him. Harrison reworked the song, with new socially and politically conscious lyrics.

Let's Work Together / Stagger Lee by Wilbert Harrison (Single): Reviews,  Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Let’s Stay Together Tina Turner  1984   #26

Tina Turner sang the second verse before the first one.

Tina Turner – Let's Stay Together (1983, Vinyl) - Discogs

Let’s Make a Promise Peaches and Herb   1968  #75

While there was only one Herb in the duo over the years, there were seven Peaches. Singing on this track was probably Francine Barker.

Peaches And Herb – Let's Make A Promise (1968, Vinyl) - Discogs

Let Me Go, Love Nicolette Larson and Michael McDonald   1980  #35

Nicolette Larson: Inside the Life and Career of 'Lotta Love' Singer –  Rolling StoneMichael McDonald Birthday & Open Enrollment | Minnesota State University,  Mankato

Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go       Hank Ballard and the Midnighters  1960  

#6 H100  #1 R&B

This track was also known as “There’s a Thrill on the Hill.”

Hank Ballard & the Midnighters – Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go Lyrics |  Genius LyricsLet's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go / If You'd Forgive Me by Hank Ballard & the  Midnighters (Single, Rhythm & Blues): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list  - Rate Your Music

CLOSING THEME: Sleep Walk – Santo and Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Trivia Answer

A: Lowering the voting age from 21 to 18.

Congratulations to Barbara from Ithaca for correctly answering the question and winning a pair of passes to Cinemapolis, downtown Ithaca’s movie house for first run, independent, international and local films.

Glossary of Terms:

DNC = did not chart

NR = not released as a single at the time

AC = Billboard’s chart for Adult Contemporary records

BB = Billboard Magazine, publisher of the Hot 100 and other charts

H100 = Billboard Hot 100

Bubbling Under = songs that were ranked but fell below the top 100

CW = Billboard’s chart for country and western records

R&B = Billboard’s chart of rhythm and blues records

RRHOF = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

RS 500 = Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranking of the top 500 singles of all time.

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