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February 5, 2022 - GJ - Hello and Goodbye

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Date:  February 5, 2022

Host:  Gregory James

Feature: Hello and Goodbye

Birthday Calendar

January 30

Marty Balin (b. 1942  d.2018)

Steve Marriott (Small Faces)  (b. 1947  d. 1991)

Phil Collins 71 years old

January 31

Marvin Junior (Dells)     (b. 1936  d. 2013)

Terry Kath (Chicago)  (b. 1946  d. 1978)

Chuck Willis    (b. 1926  d. 1958)

February 1

Don Everly (b. 1937  d. 2021)

Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) (b. 1937  d. 2018)

February 2

Stan Getz (b. 1927  d. 1991)

Graham Nash 80 years old

February 3

Dave Davies 75 years old

Melanie Safka 75 years old

February 4

Alice Cooper 74 years old

Marge Ganser   (Shangri-Las)   (b. 1948  d. 1996)

Mary Ann Ganser (Shangri-Las)  (b. 1948  d. 1970)

Florence LaRue (5th Dimension) 78 years old

February 5

Hal Blaine (b. 1929  d. 2019)

Al Kooper 78 years old

Barrett Strong 81 years old


* songs with * were requests

* all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for subsequent dates) unless otherwise noted

* glossary of terms is below the playlist


OPENING THEME: Good Old Rock n’ Roll—Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys (1969, #29, produced by Jimi Hendrix)

Hello Goodbye Beatles 1967    #1

McCartney, who composed the song, played the piano introduction.

The Beatles: Hello, Goodbye (Music Video 1967) - IMDb

Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love   

Little Peggy March 1963  #26 

This track reached the #1 chart spot in Hong Kong in 1963.

Peggy March – Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Kiss Him Goodbye  Steam 1969  #1H100  #20 R&B

Mercury Records spent $50,000 to purchase 100,000 copies of its own record so that it would appear on the Billboard Hot 100, where it eventually reached #1. 

45cat - Steam - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye / It's The Magic In You Girl  - Fontana - Denmark - 278 838 TF

Hello I Love You Doors 1968  #1

This was one of the first 45 RPM records in stereo. Just to make sure listeners appreciated the stereophonic-ness of the record, the song’s bridge has a very obvious pan from one channel to the other.

Goodbye I Love You   Firefall 1979  #43

Firefall – Goodbye, I Love You Lyrics | Genius Lyrics45cat - Firefall - Goodbye, I Love You (Short Version) / Goodbye, I Love You  (Long Version) - Atlantic - USA - 3544

Goodbye Babe  Castaways 1965 #101

Hello Again Erma Franklin 1962  DNC

Erma Franklin was Aretha’s older sister. After she left the music industry, she worked at a Detroit community center assisting homeless and disadvantaged children.

45cat - Erma Franklin - It's Over / Hello Again - Epic - USA - 5-9488

Goodbye Columbus  Association 1969 #80

This single was released before the movie of the same name was released, so the record did not have the momentum of the film to propel it further up the chart than #80.

The Association – Goodbye Columbus (1969, Vinyl) - Discogs

Hello Mary Lou Rick Nelson 1961   #9

From the LP “Rick is 21” (his sixth album), this double-sided hit was backed by “Travelin’ Man.” At 1:00 in the video below, check out James Burton's iconic guitar solo. Also, check out the drummer on cowbell!

*Rings Cymarron  1971  #17 H100  #6AC

A one hit wonder written as a wedding present. An advance email request by Scottie for Brooktondale Peggy.

Cymarron - Rings - YouTube

Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye Four Seasons  1965  #12

Yet another reason to say “bye-bye:” the song's narrator is already married.

45cat - The 4 Seasons - Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby, Goodbye) / Searching Wind -  Philips - Netherlands - 304 067 BF

Hello Young Lovers Paul Anka 1960   #23

From Anka’s LP “Paul Anka Swings for Young Lovers.” The song was written for the 1951 musical “The King and I.”

Paul Anka ::::: Hello Young Lovers. - YouTube

Go and Say Goodbye Buffalo Springfield 1966  DNC

This was the leadoff track for the first pressing of their eponymous debut LP in 1966. When the album was reissued in 1967, the single “For What It’s Worth” became the leadoff track.

Go and Say Goodbye (2018 Remaster) by Buffalo Springfield on Amazon Music -

Hello to Romance Hollies 1977  DNC

This song contains the phrase that was the title of the LP on which the track appeared: “A Crazy Steal.” Tony Coe played the saxophone solo.

The Hollies - Hello To Romance / 48 Hour Parole | Discogs

Hello Lionel Richie 1984  #1 H100  #1R&B   #1AC

Richie originally thought the song was corny, but by the time he finished writing it, he had a higher opinion of it.

Stream Lionel Richie - Hello (original) by Emad Goda ™ | Listen online for  free on SoundCloud

Hello Again Neil Diamond     1981  #6H100  #3AC

Diamond wrote the song for a remake of the film “The Jazz Singer.” He earned more praise for his singing than for his acting.

Hello Again (Neil Diamond song) - Wikipedia


It’s No Secret Jefferson Airplane   1966  #NR

Marty Balin wrote and sang lead on this track from their first studio album “The Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.”  Grace Slick had not yet replaced Signe Anderson in the band (seen at 1:30 in the video below).

Itchycoo Park  Small Faces 1968 #16

This was the Small Faces only top 40 hit in the U.S. It features an early version of phasing.

Take Me Home Phil Collins 1986  #7

Collins was a child actor, appearing in the West End production of Oliver at the age of 13 as the Artful Dodger. “Take Me Home” was inspired by the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and has Sting, Peter Gabriel and Helen Terry on backing vocals.

Oh What a Night Dells  1969 #7

Marvin Junior co-wrote the song in 1956 and the Dells re-released it in 1969 with a reworked arrangement.

Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes  Chuck Willis   1958  #24 H100  #9 R&B

This was originally an A-side release, but it became the B-Side to “What Am I Living For?” when Willis died shortly after the record was released.

Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes by Chuck Willis on Amazon Music -

Make Me Smile Chicago 1970    #9

This track was Chicago’s breakthrough hit. You heard the full version of the song with Terry Kath on vocals. The guys’ classical music training is evident in the intro and outro of the song.


You Ain’t Got the Right Dr. Hook   1973

Ray Sawyer was the lead singer for Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. He was the one with the eye patch.

Doctor Hook: This Is Your Life and Your Cover - Rolling Stone

Nancy’s Minuet Everly Brothers 1963 #107

This dark ballad was written by Don Everly, who was the brooding brother who experimented with drugs, had four marriages and had a life-long “haunted feeling…of being odd man out.”

So It Always Will Be / Nancy's Minuet by The Everly Brothers (Single;  Warner Bros.; A-5346): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your  Music

Girl from Ipanema  Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz   1964    #5

Astrud Gilberto was not a trained singer and this international smash record was her vocal debut. The song was inspired by an actual seventeen year old (pictured below) who lived in the Ipanema neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

The Woman Who Inspired 'The Girl From Ipanema' Says the Olympic Opening  Ceremonies Didn't Do Justice to the Song - WSJ

Lady of the Island Graham Nash 1969  NR

Nash wrote the song while he was in the Hollies, who declined to record it because it was too personal. The lady of the island was, of course, Joni Mitchell.

Pin on lovers

*Living on a Thin Line Kinks 1985  NR

Michael from Newfield requested a Kinks song in honor of composer’s Dave Davies 75th birthday. 

Kinks' Dave Davies Announces “must-read” Memoir 'Living on a Thin Line' | I  Like Your Old Stuff | Iconic Music Artists & Albums | Reviews, Tours & Comps

Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) Melanie and the Edwin Hawkins Singers  1970  #6

Melanie Safka was inspired to write the song based on her experience at Woodstock.

Hello Hooray Alice Cooper 1973   #35

Alice Cooper and the band wanted the song to sound like “Alice Cooper meets Cabaret.”

Alice Cooper – Hello Hooray (1973, black & white sleeve, Vinyl) - Discogs

Remember (Walking in the Sand) Shangri-Las  1964   #5

What do you get when you put two pairs of twin sisters in the same singing group? The Shangri-Las!

Ahead of the 'Pack': How the Shangri-Las created punk

Sweet Blindness 5th Dimension 1968   #13

A very fine version of Laura Nyro’s drinking song. You heard the monaural version, which is relatively rare since fewer mono versions than stereo were released. Hal Blaine played drums on this session.

You Don’t Love Me  Al Kooper and Stephen Stills  1968  NR

From the Super Session LP with Kooper on vocals and Stephen Stills on guitar.  Lots of phasing on this track.

Super Session (Mike Bloomfield / Al Kooper /Steve Stills – Columbia 1968)


WKRP in Cincinnati Theme  Steve Carlisle 1981   #65

In memoriam: Howard Hesseman (aka Dr. Johnny Fever)

Not in Hall of Fame - Dr. Johnny Fever

Goodbye My Friend  Karla Bonnoff 1988  DNC

Bonnoff wrote the song to console herself after the death of a beloved pet. According to Bonnoff, the song turned out to be “very cathartic” for people who have lost loved ones.

Goodbye My friend — Karla Bonoff |

Never Can Say Goodbye Jackson Five 1971  #2H100   #1R&B

A twelve year-old Michael Jackson sang lead on this song that was originally intended for the Supremes.

Hello It’s Me Todd Rundgren 1973  #5H100  #17AC

The six backing singers give this track much of its soul. Rundgren claimed that the backing vocals on the fadeout were completely improvised. The video below features Rundgren singing and playing piano live with prerecorded accompaniment--on which he also played every instrument. What do you think of his costume and make-up?

Goodbye Mary Hopkin   1969  #13

Paul McCartney, who wrote the song for Hopkin, played bass guitar, the acoustic guitar intro and solo and percussion.

Goodbye, So Long Tina and Ike Turner 1965  #107H100  #31 R&B

I think that may be Ike Turner on piano. Whoever it is, they tore it up.

Ike & Tina Turner – Goodbye So Long (chanson du film "Taking Off") (1971,  Vinyl) - Discogs

Bye Bye Love Everly Brothers   1957   #2H100   #1CW   #5 R&B

This song had been rejected by thirty other musicians before the Everly Brothers recorded it. In the video, the brothers introduce themselves by name and age: 18 and 20.

Bye Bye Baby Goodbye    Big Brother and the Holding Company 1967  #115

Sam Andrew of The Holding Company said it took Joplin “about a year to learn how to sing with an electric band.” The band was the first act to play Fillmore East.

Bye, Bye Baby (Live at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA - April  1968) by Big Brother & The Holding Company, Janis Joplin on Amazon Music -

Say Goodbye to Hollywood Billy Joel 1981  #17

Joel has acknowledged that he wrote the song with the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” in mind. In fact, Ronnie Spector recorded a cover of “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” with the E. Street Band.

Goodbye My Love  Searchers 1965 #52

The Searchers – Good-Bye, My Love (1965, Vinyl) - Discogs

Kiss Me Goodbye Petula Clark 1968 #15

Clark often recorded versions of her songs in French, Italian and German.

Petula Clark – Kiss Me Goodbye (1968, Vinyl) - Discogs

Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) Solomon Burke 1964 #33

Known as the King of Rock ‘n Soul, Solomon Burke is credited with creating the term “soul music.” He once said in an interview with Jet magazine, “without soul, there’d be no rock and without rock there’d be no soul.”

The King of Rock 'N' Soul: The Atlantic Recordings (1962-1968) by Solomon  Burke on TIDAL

Goodbye Night Ranger 1986  #17

No Life 'til Metal - CD Gallery - Night RangerNight Ranger – Goodbye (1985, Vinyl) - Discogs

Ruby Tuesday Rolling Stones 1967  #1

This was the Stones’ fourth #1 hit in the U.S. Keith Richards was the primary composer of this song about his then girlfriend, Linda Keith. The video clip below is of interest for their facial expressions and for the fact that Keith played piano and Bill played a bowed bass.

Goodbye to Love Carpenters 1972  #7

Much has been said about Tony Peluso’s fuzz guitar solo that, for a time, kept this record off several Easy Listening (aka Adult Contemporary) radio stations. But let’s not forget that Hal Blaine played drums and Joe Osborn played bass guitar. Even if you have seen this video before, it is worth another look just for Karen's singing along with the guitar solo at 1:40 and again at 2:00.

CLOSING THEME: Sleep Walk – Santo and Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Glossary of Terms:

DNC = did not chart

NR = not released as a single at the time

AC = Billboard’s chart for Adult Contemporary records

BB = Billboard Magazine, publisher of the Hot 100 and other charts

H100 = Billboard Hot 100

Bubbling Under = songs that were ranked but fell below the top 100

CW = Billboard’s chart for country and western records

R&B = Billboard’s chart of rhythm and blues records

RRHOF = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

RS 500 = Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranking of the top 500 singles of all time.

Host on February 12, 2022: Jan Hunsinger with a spotlight on Valentine’s Day.

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