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Sept. 30, 2017 - JR - Vocals!

Rockin' Remnants

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Date: September 30, 2017
Host:  JR
Feature: Vocals!

Tonight we're putting the spotlight on... vocals! (the only song we'll play tonight without vocals is our outro theme, "Sleepwalk".  First part, falsetto vocals from the 1960's; second part, vocals recorded at a famous studio; third part, female vocals.  It's a Rockin' Remnants singalong!


[songs in bold are from the spotlight date of 7-8-59; yellow song titles are YouTube links; songs with * were requests; all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for chart dates during/after Aug 1958) unless otherwise noted]

6pm - 7pm 


  1. a method of voice production used by male singers, especially tenors, to sing notes higher than their normal range.

    "he sang in a piercing falsetto"
    • a singer using falsetto.
    • a voice or sound that is unusually or unnaturally high.

  2. Starting off Rockin' Remnants this week with the greatest falsetto voices of the 60's: Frankie Valli, Del Shannon, Gene Pitney, Brian Wilson and Smokey! 

"Walk Like A Man - The Four Seasons - 1963, #1, 3 weeks

"Little Town Flirt" - Del Shannon - 1962, #12

"Every Breath I Take" - Gene Pitney - 1961, #42

"Lightning Strikes" - Lou Christie - 1966, #1, 1 week

"Don't Worry Baby" - The Beach Boys - 1964, #24

"Ooh Baby Baby" - The Miracles - 1965, #16

The next 6 tunes are from artists of less renown, but still fine falsetto vocals nonetheless!

"Since I Don't Have You" - Skyliners - 1959, #12

Jimmy Beaumont, vocals

"Stay" - Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs - 1960, #1, 1 week

"Good Timing" - Jimmy Jones - 1960, #3

"Cara Mia" - Jay & The Americans - 1965, #4

Jay Black, vocals

"Thou Shalt Not Steal" - Dick And Dee Dee - 1965, #13

Dick St. John, vocals

"Denise" - Randy & The Rainbows - 1963, #10

Dominic "Randy" Safuto, vocals

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - The Tokens - 1960, #1, 3 weeks

Jay Siegel, vocals
Maybe the best falsetto vocal of the 1960's!  Or maybe of all time...

Wow!  Let's give the vocal cords a rest and head to New York City, and the Columbia 30th Street Studios.  Nicknamed "The Church", this room was considered by many in the music business the best recording studio in history!  For the full scoop on "The Church" click here.

Utilized mostly by Columbia's stable of Classical and Jazz artists, there were some fine vocals recorded at this studio.
The sound and warmth of these recordings is just fantastic!  Feel free to check them out on youtube with your cans on and see if you agree :  )

"Wonderful!  Wonderful!" - Johnny Mathis - 1957, #14

"Roses Are Red (My Love) - Bobby Vinton - 1962, #1, 4 weeks

"Greenfields" - The Brothers Four -  1960, #2

"Today" - The New Christy Minstrels - 1964, #17

Stay tuned!  More to come...

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