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Aug 5th, 2017 - JR - 1972

Rockin' Remnants

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Date: August 5th, 2017
Host:  JR
Feature: 1972

In our Remnants spotlight this week is mid-Summer, 1972, a time when the AM radio was the background of my summer and my attention to The Billboard Hot 100 and buying my favorite 45's increased greatly (also first teenage crush on a girl)!  We'll hear from The Hollies, Elton John, Jim Croce, Nilsson, Bread, Argent and more!  The Birthday Calendar this week is loaded and we'll continue with Luna Street Food Food/Rockin' Remnants trivia, with a chance to win a $20 gift card to Luna Street Food!  Great oldies and great food on your Saturday night...


[songs in bold are from the spotlight date of 7-8-59; yellow song titles are YouTube links; songs with * were requests; all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for chart dates during/after Aug 1958) unless otherwise noted]

6pm - 7pm

Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) - The Looking Glass - BB Hot 100 #2 - This would ascend to #1 for 1 week on 8/26/72.

(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right - Luther Ingram - BB Hot 100 #3 - Luther had 1 other Top 40 hit: "I'll Be Your Shelter (In Time Of Storm).

Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) - The Hollies - BB Hot 100 #9

How Do You Do - Mouth & Macneal - BB Hot 100 #5 - Dutch duo: Mouth is Willem Duyn and Macneal is Sjoukje Vant Spijker).

Back to our chart date soon, but here are some great instrumentas sounds that are too good for words!

"San Antonio Rose" - Floyd Cramer, 1961

"Groovy Grubworm" - Harlow Wilcox and the Oakies, 1969

"Scratchy" - Travis Wammack, 1964

*"Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter Group, 1973 - #1 for 1 week on 5/26/73.

45 Corner

Gone - Joey Heatheron - BB Hot 100 #25

This is actress/sex symbol Heatherton's one foray into the BB Hot 100 (a cover of a Ferlin Husky hit from 1957): peaked at #24.  Click here for a bio on the 60's pop culture icon!

Image result for gone joey heathertonImage result for gone joey heatherton

Coconut - Nilsson - BB Hot 100 #12 - Recently used in a "Lime Coke" commercial!

Day By Day - Godspell - BB Hot 100 #13 - From the musical of the same name this peaked on this date in 1972.
7pm - 8pm

The Birthday Calendar

July 30th - Paul Anka- 74
July 31st - Gary Lewis - 72
                  Lobo (Kent Lavoie) - 74
                  Bob Welch - 1945

August 1st - Jerome John Garcia - 1942

August 3rd - Tony Bennett - 91

August 4th - Frankie Ford - 1939
                   Timi Yuro - 1940

August 5th - Rick Derringer (Zehringer) - 70

(The background theme for the Birthday Calendar this week is the theme from "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson", written by Paul Anka)!

"U. S. Blues" - Grateful Dead - Off the LP "From The Mars Hotel" - 1974

"Save Your Heart For Me" - Gary Lewis & The Playboys - 1965

"Hot Love, Cold World" - Bob Welch - 1978 

"I'd Love You To Want Me" - Lobo - 1972 (not from our chart date; released in September and peaked at #2)

"The Shadow Of Your Smile"- Tony Bennett - 1965 - Tony is an American Music Institution, and check out this spot on impression by Alec Baldwin.

"Sea Cruise" - Frankie Ford - 1959

"What's A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You) - Timi Yuro - 1962

"Hang On Sloopy" - The McCoys - 1965
"Hang On Sloopy" - Rick Derringer - 1975 - The McCoys version hit #1 on 10/2/1965 for 1 week.  The solo remake 10 years later (with a bit of a Caribbean lilt) peaked at #94.  The '75 LP "Spring Fever" has possibly the most androgynous cover ever!  When this LP came into the station some people thought it was an LP from Susan Dey (Partridge Family)!  Give a look:

Image result for spring fever rick derringerImage result for susan dey album

The song "Hang On Sloopy" also has a fascinating history!  Check it out here.

Rolling Along 7pm Hour...

*"Mickey's Monkey" - The Miracles - 1963 - "The Monkey" was a popular dance; Mickey Stevenson was a songwriter/producer at Motown Records.  Smokey put 'em together!

"There's A Kind Of Hush" - Herman's Hermits - 1967

Luna Streetfood/Rockin' Remnants Trivia

Q: Name the California band that charted their first 2 singles on the BB Hot 100 with cover versions of songs written by a man named Hawkins.

Scroll down to see the answer!

8pm - 9pm

Back to our chart date of 8/5/1972!

You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Jim Croce - BB Hot 100 #21 - Jim's first Top 10 hit peaked at #8.

Motorcycle Mama - Sailcat - BB Hot 100 #24 - One-hit wonder band was Court Pickett and John Hyker.  Claim to fame: LP cover art by Jack Davis, famous illustrator for MAD Magazine!

Image result for sailcat motorcycle mama lpImage result for sailcat motorcycle mama lp

Hold Your Head Up - Argent - BB Hot 100 #20

The Guitar Man - Bread - BB Hot 100 #39

Rock Me On The Water (45 version)- Jackson Browne - BB Hot 100 #73 (debut week) - This single version was quite different from the LP version; give it a listen here!

Speak To The Sky - Rick Springfield - BB Hot 100 #89 - The U.S. debut of teenage heartthrob and future soap star from Australia!

Go All The Way - The Raspberries - BB Hot 100 #57 - One of the best ever to get by the censors!  I couldn't do a feature on the Summer of '72 without spinning this rockin' radio classic!

Run To Me - Bee Gees - BB Hot 100 #61, peaked at #16 - These boys were just getting warmed up for their tight pants and blow-dried hair...

"Good Morning Starshine" - Oliver - 1969

"Colour My World" - Petula Clark - 1966 - Petula's songs stood out on the radio with a big drum sound and brassy horn sections + that great voice...

"Waterloo" - Abba - 1974

"Let Me Be There" - Olivia Newton-John - 1973

"Superstar" - The Carpenters - 1971

"We'll Sing In The Sunshine" - Gail Garnett - 1964

Trivia answer:

The first 2 charting singles for Creedence Clearwater Revival were "Suzie-Q" (Part 1) (Hot 100 #11) co-written by Dale Hawkins and "I Put A Spell On You" (Hot 100 #58) written by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.  After that it was all J.C. Fogerty...

Image result for suzie q ccr 45catImage result for i put a spell on you ccr 45cat

Congratulations to Chip from Ithaca who won that $20 gift card to Luna Street Food.  We'll do it again in September!

CLOSING THEME:  Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Host This Week (August 26th):  KV 

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CLOSING THEME:  Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny (1959, #1 for two weeks)

Host This Week (July 1st):  JS with a spotlight.

Thanks for tuning in! You can listen to Rockin' Remnants every Saturday night from 6-9pm on WVBR (93.5 FM in Ithaca, NY) or streaming here.

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