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June 13th, 2015 - JR - 1972

Rockin' Remnants

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Date:  6/13/15
Host:  John Rudan
Feature:  Late Spring 1972


[songs in bold are from the spotlight date of DATE; yellow song titles are YouTube links; songs with * were requests; all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for chart dates during/after Aug 1958) unless otherwise noted]

It’s the cusp of summer 1972, and the chart sounds on the 

Hot 100 were also heating up.  On the AM radio were the 

sounds of 70’s chart stalwarts like Neil Diamond, Elton

John, Cat Stevens, Bread, the J5, as well as lesser lights 

like Gallery, Commander Cody and Climax.  We’ll check in

 with the Birthday Calendar at 7:00 and in the 45

Corner, the 7” vinyl version of “Tumbling Dice”, not available 

on LP or CD or MP3; another Rockin’ Remnants exclusive.

 And if you check our blog,,

you’ll see an image of the 45, with not only the Rolling 

Stones famous “tongue” logo, but also a pair of tumbling 


 And back for the summer Rockin’ Remnants trivia, with a

chance to win a pair of tickets to check out a flick at 

Cinemapolis!  Great stuff on a Saturday night…


I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers – BB Hot 100 #1,

1 week

The first Hot 100 #1 for this family quartet features 

the legendary Muscle Shoals Swampers providing the great


Oh Girl – The Chi-Lites – BB Hot 100 #2

Just dropping from the top of the chart, this forlorn, country-

tinged soul tune was the

only chart-topper for this Chicago vocal group led by the 

late, great Eugene Record.

Image result for oh girl chi lites 45Image result for oh girl chi lites 45

Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens – BB Hot 100 #6

Cat was a big cog in the “Singer/Songwriter” wheel of the

 early 70’s.  He had 10 Top 40 hits in a row in the decade, 

before retiring for religious reasons in 1978.

Nice To Be With You – Gallery – BB Hot 100 #8

The “feel-good” hit of the Summer of ’72, this Detroit combo,

led by Jim Gold, had a few more hits, then faded away to be

fated to the Oldies Revival shows circuit.  Jim Gold is the 

fellow with the yellow vest on the left.

Image result for gallery - nice to be with youImage result for jim gold gallery

Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody And His Lost 

Planet Airmen – BB Hot 100 #9

This song dates back to 1955 by Charlie Ryan, covered by 

Johnny Bond in 1960, and

finally taken into the Top 10 by The Commander (George 

Frayne IV) and his band of stoners.

.Song Sung Blue – Neil Diamond – BB Hot 100 #12

Neil was at his chart best in the 70’s, with 18 Top 40 hits and

 3 #1’s,  including this one, which topped the Hot 100 on 

July 1st for 1 week.

Little Bitty Pretty one – The Jackson 5 – BB Hot 100 #13

After 8 hit singles written by the Motown songwriters known 

as The Corporation”, this was their first cover version.

This peaked on the Hot 100 this week, and the J5 rolled

on until the end of the decade before the hits dried up.

Image result for little bitty pretty one jackson five 45Image result for little bitty pretty one jackson five 45

Rockin’ Remnants Trivia

Q: who did the original version of “Little Bitty Pretty One”?

A: Thurston Harris in 1957; his version was also the highest charting, peaking at #6.  Bobby Day, Frankie Lymon and Clyde McPhatter also covered this tune.

Image result for little bitty pretty one thurston harris 45Image result for little bitty pretty one thurston harris

Congratulation to John calling in from Ithaca who knew the answer to this week’s trivia question was indeed Thurston Harris!  More Cinemapolis tickets coming next week…

Diary – Bread – Hot 100 #16

Did any band epitomize the “Soft Rock” sound of the 70’s

more than Bread?  Back in the day I didn’t care what it was

called, and I loved hearing their songs on the AM radio.

 Lean On Me – Bill Withers – Hot 100 #26

Soaring up the Hot 100 in May, this would peak at Hot 100 

#1 on July 8th for 3 weeks, one of the biggest hits of the 


45 Corner

Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones – BB Hot 100 #7

This was the first single released off the landmark LP Exile

On Main Street, and

featured some of Mick’s best slurred vocals and nice slide 

guitar by Keith!  The 45

version is in mono (as it says on the label), is shorter than 

the album version, and is a different mix, just for AM radio.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Rolling Stones…

Image result for tumbling dice rolling stonesImage result for tumbling dice rolling stones

I Need You – America  – Hot 100 #27

OK, so Bread weren’t the only Soft Rockers of the 70’s!  The

 second single from this trio peaked at Hot 100 #9.

Someday Never Comes – Creedence Clearwater Revival – 
Hot 100 #28

After pumping out chart hits starting in late ’68, the star of 

CCR was fading.  Tom Fogerty had left the band,

 and the other members wanted more involvement in writing

and singing.  Needless to say, this was CCR’s last charting 

single, only hobbling up to Hot 100 #25, and it was John 

Fogerty on lead vocal. They broke up just months later.


7pm – 8pm

Birthday Calendar

June 7th – Tom Jones, 75
                 Dean Martin (Dino Crocetti), 1917
June 8th – Nancy Sinatra, 75
                 Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), 73
                 Boz Scaggs, 71
                 Bonnie Tyler, 63

 June 9th – Les Paul (Lester Pollsfus), 1915
                 Jackie Wilson, 1935

 June 10th – Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Burnett), 1910

 Jun 11th – Joey Dee (Joseph DiNicola), 75
                  Frank Beard (ZZ Top), 66
 June 12th – Len Barry, 73
                   Reg Presley (Troggs), 72

June 13th – Bobby Freeman, 75

“Help Yourself” – Tom Jones, 1968

One of two Wales natives on the Birthday Calendar this week, Tom was a miner and a bricklayer before being discovered by British musical promoter/entrepreneur Gordon Mills, who remade the hunky Welshman into one of the 60’s top sex symbols.

The first Hot 100 #1 for Frank’s daughter, featuring the Wrecking Crew on the instruments.

“Everybody Loves Somebody” – Dean Martin, 1964

In the midst of the British Invasion, Dino crooned his way to Hot 100 #1, displacing the Fab Four for 1 week in August 1964.

Image result for everybody love somebody 45Image result for everybody love somebody 45

“Jojo” – Boz Scaggs, 1980

After a stint with Steve Miller, Boz struck out on a solo career in the early 70’s, and had a handful of blue-eyed soul hits through 1980.

“Total Eclipse Of The Heart” – Bonnie Tyler, 1983

Born Gaynor Hopkins in Swansea, Wales, Bonnie’s distinctive gruff vocal style garnered her 2 bit hits: “It’s A Heartache” in 1978 and this, which peaked at Hot 100 #1 for 4 weeks in the Summer of ’83.  True fact: "Total Eclipse" is one of the best-selling single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 at over 9 million copies sold!

Image result for total eclipse of the heart 45Image result for total eclipse of the heart 45

"One", "'Til The World Ends" – Three Dog Night, 1969, 1975

Chuck Negron was the lead vocalist on Three Dog Night’s first big hit and the lead vocalist on their last hit.  It was quite a 6 year ride for my favorite band of the 70’s!

Image result for one three dog nightImage result for till the world ends three dog night

“How High The Moon” – Les Paul and Mary Ford, 1951

Les Paul was an innovative musician and inventor, who continued to play his famous Gibson guitar until his death in 2009, aged 94.  Click here to check out his fascinating career!  This duet with his wife Mary Ford was #1 on the pop chart for 9 weeks in 1951, and featured one of Paul’s innovations, double-tracked vocals.

Baby Workout” – Jackie Wilson, 1963

Jackie was an awesome performer who earned the nickname “Mr. Excitement”, and he certainly lives up to that on this single from 1963, which peaked at Hot 100 #5.  Click on the video to see him “workout” over the end credits of Shindig!

“Back Door Man” – Howlin’ Wolf, 1961

Chicago Blues vocals at its best, The Wolf was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 as an Early Influence.  This song was most famously covered by The Doors on their first album in 1967.

Image result for back door man howlin wolfImage result for back door man howlin wolf

“Peppermint Twist – Part 1” – Joey Dee & The Starlighters, 1962

In the second wave of the Twist craze in 1962, Joey and his group (who were the house band at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City), took this twistin’ tune to Hot 100 #1 for 3 weeks.

“I Thank You” – ZZ Top, 1980

Frank Beard is the drummer of ZZ Top, and the only guy in the trio… without a beard!  This Sam & Dave cover peaked at Hot 100 #34.

“1-2-3” – Len Barry, 1965

Len was the lead singer of The Dovells, before going solo in the mid-60’s.  This was his biggest hit peaking at Hot 100 #2.  He had a few more lower-charting singles before fading away to the Oldies Circuit.

“Love Is All Around” – The Troggs, 1966

The Troggs are probably best known for their upbeat singles (“Wild Thing”, “I Can’t Control Myself”, “With A Girl Like You”), this showed the “softer side” of lead single Reg (Ball) Presley.  This combo’s last Hot 100 charter peaked at #7. Reg is the bloke on the left.

Image result for love is all around troggsImage result for love is all around troggs

 “Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes” – Bobby Freeman, 1958

After a few hits in the late 50’s, Bobby hooked up with producer Sylvester Stewart (Sly) in 1964 and recorded one dance floor classic, “C’mon And Swim”, his last hit.

8pm – 9pm Back to our chart date of 6/13/1972 + Happy

Hour 70’s & 80’s

Vincent – Don McLean – BB Hot 100 #38

Don’s follow-up to “American Pie” about artist Vincent 

Van Gogh peaked at Hot 100 #12.

Walk In The Night – Jr. Walker & The All Stars – BB Hot

 100 #46

The last charting single for this great Motown band peaked 

this week at Hot 100 #46.

Life And Breath – Climax featuring Sonny Geraci – BB 

Hot 100 #68

Following the smash “Precious And Few”, this single stiffed 

at Hot 100 #52, ending the

chart run of this Ohio band led by the former lead singer of 

The Outsiders.

Image result for life and breath climaxImage result for life and breath climax

Day By Day – Godspell – BB Hot 100 #64

Day by Day/Oh, Dear Lord 3 things I pray/To see Thee more 

clearly/Love Thee more dearly/Follow Thee more nearly/Day 

by Day. Feel free to sing along...

“I’d Love To Change The World” – Ten Years After, 1971

We present for the first time here on Remnants the 

Quadraphonic mix of this song.

 Quadraphonic sound was developed in the late 60’s, and

while it was a great concept in sound, it never fully caught 

on with a listening audience.  Click here to read about

the history of Quadraphonic sound.

21st Century equivalent: Dolby Surround Sound.

“I Feel The Earth Move” – Carole King, 1971

This single off her LP Tapestry peaked at Hot 100 #1 for 5 

weeks as the flip-side of “It’s Too Late”.

Image result for i feel the earth move carole kingImage result for i feel the earth move carole king 45

“Arizona” – Mark Lindsay, 1970

Mark’s first 2 solo hits were written by NYC songwriter Kenny

 Young (“Under The Boardwalk”); this one peaked at Hot 100


Image result for arizona mark lindsay 45Image result for arizona mark lindsay 45

“When I Die” – Motherlode, 1969

America had Chicago, BS&T and The Tower of Power for 

horn bands of the early 70’s.
Canada had Lighthouse and this London, Ontario-based

 band.  This was their only Hot 100 hit, peaking at #18.

“Ball Of Fire” – Tommy James And The Shondells, 1969

One of the band’s last Top 40 hits, before Tommy went solo 

in 1970.

Everyone knows Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton and Ginger 

Baker were members of this “Super group”  But, who was

the 4th member?

The answer comes your way in July on Remnants trivia.

“Go Down Gamblin’” – Blood, Sweat & Tears, 1971

This may be the only recorded in the Rockin’ Remnants era 

with a tuba solo!  This was on the LP version, but exorcised

from the 45.

 Both versions are readily available on LP,CD or MP3.

“Lay A Little Lovin’ On Me” – Robin McNamara, 1970

Robin (guy) was a stage actor and singer, who’s one hit 

single was on Steed Records,and produced by Jeff Barry.

Image result for lay a little lovin on me 45Image result for lay a little lovin on me 45

“Some People” – Paul Young, 1986

Paul had a great blue-eyed soul voice and had string of hits 

in the 80’s, with his last 2 hits being cover versions of “Oh 

Girl” and “What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted” in

1990 and 1992, respectively.

“I Need You” – Paul Carrack, 1982

Originally with the band Ace in the early 70’s, Paul was also 

a member of Squeeze, Roxy Music, The Pretenders and

Mike+ The Mechanics.

 This was his first solo hit,

produced by Nick Lowe and peaking at Hot 100 #37.

Image result for i need you paul carrackImage result for i need you paul carrack

Host Next Week (6/20/2015): Kim Vaughan with a spotlight on Summertime oldies!

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