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August 30th, 2014 - JR - 1971


[songs in bold are from the spotlight date of DATE; yellow song titles are YouTube links; songs with * were requests; all chart information comes from the Billboard Top 100 (for chart dates before/during July 1958) or Billboard Hot 100 (for chart dates during/after Aug 1958) unless otherwise noted]

This edition of Remnants lands us in late summer 1971.  The Billboard Hot 100 was rife with that great mix of rock, pop, country and soul, and it was a great week for the artists of Motown Records and smaller soul labels: Marvin Gaye, The Undisputed Truth, Stevie Wonder, The Dramatics, The Honey Cone, Denise LaSalle and more.  We’ll also hear the sounds of 70’s chart stalwarts like Paul McCartney, CCR, The Moody Blues, The Guess Who, The Bee Gees, and lesser lights like Lee Michaels, The Stampeders, Freddie Hart, and The Free Movement.  A classic chart date!  At 7:00 we’ll have the Birthday Calendar, and in the “45 Corner”, Grand Funk Railroad with a Rolling Stones cover, available only on 45 and Chicago “Beginnings” 45 version also available only on 7” vinyl.


Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey – Paul & Linda McCartney – BB Hot 100 #1, 1 week


This was Paul’s first BB Hot 100 #1, post-Beatles; the first post breakup #1 was “My Sweet Lord” by George in 1970.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – The Bee Gees – BB Hot 100 #2

The biggest hit for the Brothers Gibb in the early 70’s was tumbling down after 4 weeks at #1.

Smiling Faces Sometimes – The Undisputed Truth – BB Hot 100 #3


The highest charting record for this trio on Gordy Records peaked this week at #3.

Spanish Harlem – Aretha Franklin – BB Hot 100 #4

The original recording by Ben E. King peaked at Hot 100 #10.  Aretha’s cover version peaked at Hot 100 #2 for 2 weeks.

I JustWant To Celebrate (45 version) – Rare Earth– BB Hot 100 #10


This song has been used extensively in commercials over the years, most recently by Nicoderm (quit smoking aid).

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get – The Dramatics – BB Hot 100 #11

The first Top 10 hit for this Detroit soul quintet peaked at Hot 100 #9.

Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) (45 version) – Marvin Gaye – BB Hot 100 #13


The first of Marvin’s “protest” records peaked at Hot 100 #2 for 3 weeks.

Beginnings (45 version)/Colour My World – Chicago – BB Hot 100 #15


Both sides of this 45 were listed on The Hot 100 this week.  The 45 version of “Beginnings” is not available on LP or CD; the spelling of “Colour” is theirs, not ours.

SweetHitchhiker – CCR – BB Hot 100 #16

I spent a lot of time with my ear to the AM radio trying to decipher the lyrics of this song!  Today it’s just a click away:

Stick-Up – The Honey Cone – BB Hot 100 #17


The second charting single for this trio on Holland-Dozier-Holland’s Hotwax Records imprint peaked at Hot 100 #11.

I Woke Up In Love This Morning – The Partridge Family – BB Hot 100 #21

TV’s original “family band” had 7 Top 40 hits between 1970 and 1973; this peaked at Hot 100 #13.  The series ran on ABC-TV from 1970 – 1974.

The Story In Your Eyes – Moody Blues – BB Hot 100 #31

This 45 offering from the British Prog Rockers peaked at Hot 100 #23.

Do YouKnow What I Mean (mono 45 version) – Lee Michaels – BB Hot 100 #34


Keyboard whiz Michaels only other Top 40 hit was a cover of “Can I Get A Witness”, Hot 100 #39 in January 1972.

If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder – BB Hot 100 #37


Birthday Calendar


August 24th – Mason Williams, 76

                        Jim Capaldi (Traffic), 1944

August 25th – Elvis Costello, 60

                        Gene Simmons (KISS), 66

August 26th – Valerie Simpson, 68

August 29th – Michael Jackson, 1988


August 30th – John Phillips, 1935

“Classical Gas”– Mason Williams, 1968

Mason was a writer/performer on The Smothers Brothers TV show.  He made a really cool video to accompany “Classical Gas” called "3,000 Years Of Art in 3 Minutes”, which was broadcast on the show in June, 1968.  Click here to see a recreation of that video.

“That’s Love”– Jim Capaldi, 1983


Drummer and vocalist with Traffic, this was his biggest solo hit, BB Hot 100 #28.  His buddy Steve Winwood plays the synth and makes a cameo in the video.

“Radio, Radio” – Elvis Costello, 1978

Elvis, ne Declan Patrick McManus, was more of an LP artist than a singles artist, but this ode to radio is one of his best!

“Rock And Roll All Nite (live)”(45 version), KISS, 1975


Hot 100 #15 hit for KISS, featuring lead vocals from Chaim Witz, aka Gene Simmons.

“I Don’t Need No Doctor” – Ray Charles, 1966

This was one of the first song writing efforts from Valerie Simpson and her partner/husband, the late Nickolas Ashford.

“Got To Be There” – Michael Jackson, 1971

“The Girl Is Mine” – Michael Jackson (w/Paul McCartney), 1982


 The first song is MJ’s first solo hit; peaked at Hot 100 #4.  The second tune is the first 45 release from Thriller; peaked at Hot 100 #2, 3 weeks.

“Creeque Alley” (45 version) – The Mamas & The Papas, 1967

“Mississippi” – John Phillips, 1970


The only solo hit for the original Papa John peaked at Hot 100 #32.  Recorded with the infamous “Wrecking Crew” : Hal Blaine, drums; Larry Knechtel, keys; Joe Osborn, bass; James Burton, steel guitar; plus Darlene Love on background vocals.

"Tom Dooley" – Kingston Trio, 1958

This traditional “ballad” kicked off the folk craze of the late 50’s; Hot 100 #1 for 1 week, 11/17/58.

"Hey!  Jealous Lover" – Frank Sinatra, 1957

"It Ain’t Me Babe" – Turtles, 1965


The first Top 10 single for the former surf-band The Crossfires; peaked at Hot 100 #4.

"The Chokin’ Kind" – Joe Simon, 1969

Joe won an R&B Male Vocal Grammy for this recording.

"Angel Of The Morning" – Merilee Rush, 1968

A unique stereo “under dub” recording featuring just Merilee on vocals.

"It Tears Me Up" – Percy Sledge, 1966

"I Fought The Law" – Bobby Fuller Four


Bobby was just 22 when he was found dead under “mysterious circumstances” in Los Angeles in 1966.

8 pm More Chart Sounds From 8/30/1971

RainDance – The Guess Who – BB Hot 100 #38

Sweet City Woman – The Stampeders – BB Hot 100 #43

A mini Canadian “invasion” on the Hot 100 this week! The former group is from Winnipeg, the latter is from Calgary.

Draggin’ The Line – Tommy James – BB Hot 100 #29


Tommy’s biggest solo hit was first released as the “b-side” of “Church Street Soul Revival” in 1970.  “Church” tanked at Hot 100 #62; “Draggin’” peaked at Hot 100 #4.

I’ve Found Someone Of My Own – The Free Movement – BB Hot 100 #58

The highest charting song for this L.A. soul sextet peaked at Hot 100 #5.

Easy Loving – Freddie Hart – BB Hot 100 #60


Freddie had only one pop hit, but charted over 40 hits on the BB Country & Western singles chart from 1959 to 1987!

Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again) – Kris Kristofferson – BB Hot 100 #61

Most of the songs Kris wrote peaked higher than any of his solo singles, including this, his first solo release which peaked at Hot 100 #26.  Click here to see his songbook.

Trapped By A Thing Called Love – Denise LaSalle – BB Hot 100 #65


Recorded with the Swampers at Muscle Shoals, this soulful tune peaked at Hot 100 #13.

ThinLine Between Love And Hate – The Persuaders – BB Hot 100 #66

The original version of this song peaked at Hot 100 #13 for this NYC soul quartet.  A cover version by The Pretenders peaked 70 spots lower in 1984.

How CanI Unlove You – Lynn Anderson – BB Hot 100 #75

Ms. Anderson recorded 3 Joe South-penned songs: “Rose Garden”, “Fool Me”, and this one, which peaked at Hot 100 #63.

TheYear Clayton Delaney Died – Tom T. Hall – BB Hot 100 #88

Tom T. Hall was one of the greatest story-song tellers of the 1970’s.  This song was a #1 hit on the BB Country Singles chart, but only made it to #42 on the Hot 100.

Carey– Joni Mitchell – BB Hot 100 #93 (Chart debut)


This song spent 1 week on the Hot 100 at #93 then dropped off.  Such were the foibles of the Billboard chart in the early 70’s.  Thank goodness there were “progressive” FM stations who gave this gem off the LP Blue more airplay.

Gimme Shelter (45 version) - Grand Funk Railroad


Chart debut this week at Hot 100 #81, this peaked at #62 on the chart for 6 weeks.  This version is only available on 45.  This may have been too "heavy", even for AM radio in the early 70's (and no Merry Clayton, either). 

“All By Myself" (45 version) – Eric Carmen, 1976


The first solo hit for the former Raspberry peaked at Hot 100 #2 for 3 weeks.  This was recently used in a Wendy’s ad for its Pretzel Bun (with a little appropriate lyrical license).  Click here to see the commercial!

“Let Me Take You Dancing” – Bryan Adams, 1979

This was Bryan’s first solo single release, and to make it more “appealing” the producer sped up the vocals to the point where Bryan sounded like a pre-pubescent teenager!  Bryan later disavowed the mix, and the original version is still not available on CD.

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